Purdue Football: Offseason Questions – Brady Allen

Brady Allen was the jewel of Purdue’s 2022 recruit class. Standing at 6’6”, 210 (I didn’t personally weigh him, my apologies if that’s not true), Allen was a 4 star recruit and was considered that 131st-best overall player and ninth-best quarterback in the nation Gibson Southern.

These awards were hard won by Allen, whose stellar high school record makes my shoulder hurt. In my last article, I mentioned that Michael Alimo, a 4* Boilermaker quarterback, underwent a first run in high school. Brady Allen had no such problem. He was in full swing as a freshman in 2018-2019, flicking the ball across the court for four incredible high school seasons on an offense perfectly structured to showcase his skills.

Secondary school

* Statistics courtesy of MaxPreps

Brady Allen high school stats

Year games played Try completions meter Completion % yards/game landings intercept
Year games played Try completions meter Completion % yards/game landings intercept
18-19 12 282 160 2438 57 203 29 4
19-20 11 270 168 2671 62 242 31 8th
20-21 11 363 200 2556 55 232 31 7
21-22 fifteen 383 263 4253 69 283 58 6

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), Gibson Southern didn’t shy away from tossing the ball with Brady Allen under center (or, more specifically, behind center since they almost exclusively ran shotgun). That confidence paid off in the 2021-22 season when Allen led the Titans to a 43-35 win over Brebeuf to win the 3A State Championship Game, the first in Gibson Southern history.

Allen led a furious comeback after losing by 19 in the second quarter. The Titans laid on 35 of the next 41 points. He finished the game 28-50 for 398 yards and 5 touchdowns (he also threw an uncharacteristic 3 INTs, but let’s not talk about that). Titans lead receiver Rory Heltsley (U of Indy) hauled in 13 receptions for 218 yards, both 3A championship game records.

Brady’s high school career aligns perfectly with his choice of college. He played in open shotgun offensive in high school, and he will play in open shotgun offensive in college. Last season, Aidan O’Connell attempted three 40-50 passes and three 50-60 passes. That’s an insane number of tries, but Allen won’t be out of his element standing in the back of the bag and letting it fly. Everything about his high school career aligns with what Purdue wants to do on offense.

As a recruit

Allen was a priority for Purdue, for obvious reasons, and secured his services on July 15, 2020. He had offers from Cincinnati, Indiana, Kansas and Rutgers, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wisconsin and would certainly have received more interest if he had his recruitment would not have hired after his commitment to Purdue.

Physically, he has everything you’re looking for in a Purdue quarterback. He’s tall, 6ft 5in, 210 and athletic enough to bag break and throw on the run. He has elite arm strength and shows a surprising ability to change the speed and trajectories of his throws. If he needs to put the ball into a tight window, he can do that, but he’s also capable of lofting it over the top and throwing a catchable ball to a running back out of the backfield.

The only thing missing from Allen’s abilities is a real running threat. You’ve seen more of that as a senior when he rushed for 266 yards with 77 carries (sacks count as carries, I assume) and 6 touchdowns. He won’t be mistaken for a dueling threat quarterback, but he’s quite mobile in the pocket. This shouldn’t be a problem at Purdue, as Aidan O’Connell may be the least mobile quarterback in America, and he’s doing just fine at West Lafayette. It may have kept him out of the top 100 in terms of overall rating though, but honestly that’s a matter of vanity. The difference between most people outside the top 50 has to do with reviewer preference.

Allen is a real 4 star talent.

Season 2022-2023

Allen finds himself in a perfect position at Purdue. Unless you’re an ELITE high school quarterback from a major high school, it’s difficult for a freshman quarterback to step in and run a P5 team. The transition from high school to college in the classroom is tough enough, but when you then bring in the demands of a college football player, things can get out of hand.

He doesn’t have to worry about seeing the field in 2022-2023 unless…Purdue things happen…which isn’t entirely out of the question based on the past (and I now regret putting that in ). He can focus on working things out off the field, building a relationship with receivers, working on the fundamentals and supporting O’Connell as he tries to break the world record for single-season passing attempts.

Circle 2023-2024 for Mr. Allen. If things go according to plan, there will be at least a 2-way race between Allen and Alimo for the starting job, and it could be a 3-way with highly talented Louisiana quarterback Ricky Collins, currently signed with the Boilermakers is (no reason to be). think he won’t stay engaged). If O’Connell does what I think he will do this season, Purdue’s starting quarterback spot could be one of the hottest openings in college football next offseason, and Allen has all the tools to fill it.

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