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Auburn’s tight end room is one of the deepest on the roster and has several versatile players.

John Samuel Shenker is the undisputed leader, having caught 33 passes for 413 yards last season, both program records, but Luke Deal, Tyler Fromm, Brandon Frazier and even true freshman Micah Riley-Ducker bring something interesting to the position.

Given the uncertainty at quarterback and wide receiver positions, a lot could be asked of this group, but they have the talent to do just that. Tight end coach Brad Bedell did a great job of filling that space with players whose skills complement each other.

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Landen King (Moved to Wide Receiver)

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John Samuel Schenker

Coming off a record-breaking season for Auburn, he’s now a leader on the team. Also in his sixth season, he should again be a reliable pass catcher for the quarterback. However, he’s more than just a receiver, he can play as a full-back or as a traditional tight end and is a good blocker. He has a chance to break more records this year and wait to get his first touchdown since 2019.

Returning Players

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Luke deal: He was primarily used as a blocker during his time on the Plains, but has become a better receiver each season. With Auburn’s expected focus on running the ball, he should see plenty of action as an added blocker.

Tyler Fromm: Much like Deal, Fromm mostly played an offensive role. However, he was an additional recipient. Look for him to build on his eight receptions for 93 yards and one touchdown last season.

Brandon Frazier: With King gone, Frazier is possibly the most intriguing player on the tight end. The 6-foot-7, 262-pounder is still searching for the breakout. If he can take the next step, he could be huge for a pass attack that needs a red zone target.



Micha Ducker Riley: The true newcomer has a lot of potential and if this space was a little less crowded he would probably be fighting for game time. He’s a willing blocker and a talented receiver who can still earn a role despite the veterans before him.

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John Samuel Shenker, super senior

Luke Deal, Junior

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