Pregnancy tips for safe motherhood in each trimester

Pregnancy is a period of time when a woman needs to pay more attention to her diet and daily activities. Here are some pregnancy tips to help you get through all trimesters.

Motherhood and pregnancy are unique experiences for every woman. During this time, people can go through various things that lead to a successful and safe birth. While it can be a joyful experience, it can also be stressful for moms as they have to take care of both themselves and the baby. Therefore, motherhood is a crucial time for moms who need to pay attention to their diet, sleep routine, medications, and mental well-being each trimester to avoid complications.

Health Shots contacted Dr. Surabhi Siddhartha, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar, Mumbai, to share important pregnancy tips for mothers on how to take care of themselves during this time.

Pregnancy tips for expectant mothers for each trimester

Whether you are in the first month or the last month of pregnancy, you need to take care of yourself during this period. Still, here’s what you need to do to stay safe during motherhood.

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During the first trimester

The first trimester begins at conception and lasts until the 12th week of pregnancy. To get through the first trimester safely, Dr. Siddhartha proposes the following:

  • Don’t forget to take folic acid supplements
  • Eat homemade food
  • Eat smaller and more frequent meals
  • Drink enough fluids to stay hydrated
  • Don’t forget to rest
  • Go for a walk every day, especially after meals
  • Try to stay as stress free as possible
  • Avoid taking medicines without consulting your doctor
  • Lie on your left side as this can increase blood supply to the fetus
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine
  • Don’t eat foods that cause constipation
  • Do not eat raw papaya at this stage

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During the second and third trimester

The second trimester begins at week 13 and ends at week 26, followed by the third trimester, which begins at week 27 and lasts until delivery. During these trimesters, women tend to experience pain and swelling. dr Siddhartha gives the following tips:

  • Eat enough protein
  • drink enough
  • Drink enough liquid
  • Do yoga and meditation
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs and caffeine
  • Avoid intercourse in the third trimester
  • Wear loose cotton clothing
  • Avoid long trips in the second and third trimesters, especially if you have preeclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, and preterm labor.

More things to consider during pregnancy

1. Regular testing is a must

When you are pregnant, you need to be extra careful with everything you do and with the tests you take. The gynecologist suggests that pregnant women should undergo an antenatal exam (ANC), which includes screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, vaccinations for pregnant women (TT, IFA, and calcium supplements). If necessary, clarify any doubts with your doctor.

A good rest during pregnancy is important for mothers. Image courtesy Adobe Stock

2. Eat healthy

During pregnancy, you should pay attention to your diet. This includes milk and dairy products like cottage cheese, buttermilk, and paneer, which contain calcium, protein, and vitamins. You should also eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins and iron. Eat grains, whole grains, and legumes as they are high in protein and can keep your overall health in check. Non-vegetarian moms can eat eggs, chicken, or fish for optimal protein, vitamin, and iron intake.

Disclaimer: Every pregnancy is different and not all of the pregnancy tips mentioned in this article may be right for you. Therefore, consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes. In addition, if you notice any unusual changes in the body, you must consult a doctor immediately.

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