PlayStation Plus games officially announced for December

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition are available through January 2nd.

Playstation has revealed the official list of upcoming Playstation Plus games for December after reliable Dealabs correctly predicted the lineup less than a week ago. Fans will receive Biomutant and Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition, two cross-platform games, in addition to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition sci-fi trilogy pack. These titles will be available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers from December 6th to January 2nd.

Biomutant is a game that offers native 4K and HDR support for its PlayStation 5 version, as well as three different graphics modes and haptic feedback for the DualSense controller. The game itself didn’t garner many positive reviews – due to more than just technical issues, as our review outlined – but it did garner plenty of praise for its beautiful if not well-used world, and the new version of the game could still do that with the technical revision find its audience.


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Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition is a fresh new version of 2D platformers like Super Smash Bros and Brawlhalla, coming soon to PlayStation and also to PC. It achieves the same vision but in a 3D environment that allows more freedom in interacting with the areas and their scattered mechanics. The game has multiple modes and competitive play for up to six players. Additionally, the Founder’s Edition (available for $24.99) includes all maps, modes, and access to eight different playable characters, but PS Plus subscribers get all this content at no extra cost.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition needs no introduction as it is a priceless trilogy featuring three games that have stood the test of time as sci-fi experiences with immense storytelling depth. The Legendary Edition also takes full advantage of current console capabilities, despite not being a full-fledged PS5 game. It updates all the textures, shaders and models of the original games, optimizes the graphical settings and creates a homogeneous user interface along with a universal character creation tool for all three games, making it more than just a polished remaster.

Biomutant environment

According to director Mac Walters, the PS5 version of Mass Effect would have been unimaginable because it would have pushed the boundaries of what the original Unreal Engine 3 could do. However, the director adds that players can expect far better performance from this edition on PS5, including higher frame rates, larger resolutions and faster loading times.

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