Playing in different conditions will help prepare for the T20 World Championship, Karthik believes

Wicketkeeper bat Dinesh Karthik believes playing in different conditions on the Caribbean tour will benefit India as he prepares for the various challenges that Australia’s floors will pose during the T20 World Cup later this year.

India played the first three T20s in the West Indies before moving to Florida for the remaining two games. In the three games, the Indians had to navigate through different conditions. They faced a two-step pitch at Tarouba while St. Kitts had strong winds.

“I find it very interesting because even at the World Cup three stadiums immediately come to mind: Sydney – [where] the sides are a bit narrower and the straights are longer,” said Karthik ahead of the fourth T20I. “Adelaide, we all know that the sides are very narrow and the straights are long, whereas in Melbourne it’s the exact opposite – the straights are short and the sides are very big.

“Obviously we’re going to encounter different floors everywhere we play, so the challenges will be different,” he added. India led the tie 2-1 after winning the first and third T20.

“Here the challenges were different in every place we played. The fact that every time an opportunity presents itself, there is a certain challenge of just walking in. That in itself is pressure.

“One of the most important things that Rohit [Sharma] and Raul [Dravid] what was talked about in the beginning of this series was adaptability and understanding of the situations. I think we’ve done that pretty well so far.” Karthik has thrived in his new role with the team, but the 37-year-old is struggling to be consistent as a finisher.

“The finisher’s role is such that it’s difficult to be consistent. Each time you step in, you should be able to create an effect that will help the team.

“There are many factors that can make it more difficult for you, especially in the Caribbean and Miami, wind will be a massive factor, although it’s a sport played with a heavy ball, sometimes the wind dictates the times , where you play the shots.” It works both ways, the bowlers are smart and try to force you to hit downwind as much as possible.

That makes it all the more difficult.” Karthik returned to the Indian team after a spectacular IPL season in which he was at his best. Asked if he feels the pressure to perform every time for the national team, he said: “Pressure at this point is a privilege.”

“As an athlete it’s natural when you play at a higher level and you expect certain things from you. The important thing is to find out about the game situation on a given day, read the game situation and try to do your best on that particular day.” Karthik also commended the captain and coach for helping the players despite a problem have given many opportunities to many talents.

“Players are given the opportunity to fail. It’s very important to give players the opportunity to fail and then move on to the next player. There are so many players in India right now.” But here you get a value for what you’ve achieved over a period of time. That has to be respected with this coaching staff.

“Right now in the Indian team we have the potential to field two or maybe even three teams in terms of the number of players available. I don’t think many countries can boast of that.”

“Players who are part of the 15 (for the T20 World Cup) should realize how important and beautiful it is to be part of this team and how proud we should be to represent our country on the world stage.

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