Peacock World Cup streaming numbers crush it

Streaming has been one of the biggest World Cup 2022 success stories to date. In particular, the streaming of the Peacock World Cup has gone through the roof as a staggering number of sports fans watch matches online.

Several World Cup 2022 games broke streaming records. Argentina vs Mexico, for example, is the most-streamed World Cup game of all time. It is the first World Cup game with more than two million viewers. Similarly, no other football game in US history has had larger streaming numbers than this one. Other notable mentions include USA v Iran (1.1 million viewers), USA-Wales (1 million) and Poland v Mexico (1.35 million). And those are just streaming numbers.

In the first week of World Cup coverage, streaming accounted for 26% of Telemundo’s total viewership, which is an unprecedented number. After the first week, the Peacock and Telemundo streaming platforms average 673,000 viewers per World Cup game. This is an increase of 209% compared to the 2018 World Cup.

Peacock manager gives insight into numbers

World Soccer Talk spoke to Rick Cordella, program president of NBC Sports and Peacock Sports, earlier this week.

“Regarding the previous World Cup [World Cup 2022] blow it out of the water,” Cordella said. “Generally, every time we have one of these World Cups or Olympics, a gap of four years, you see the difference.”

With a price point of $4.99 per month combined with 180 Premier League games per season, Peacock’s track record makes sense to many football fans. Every single match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be streamed live and on-demand via Peacock Premium.

In particular, Peacock’s success during the World Cup is all the more remarkable considering that every broadcast is in Spanish. Although rival FOX owns the exclusive English-language rights in the United States, the channel doesn’t have a direct-to-consumer streaming service for Cord Cutters. Despite this, her lack of streaming focus has resulted in significant net profits on television.

Reasons behind Peacock’s winning World Cup numbers

The 2022 World Cup was the World Cup of surprises on and off the pitch.

We asked Cordella what he thinks about the market share of streaming versus linear (ie traditional TV) and how he owes Peacock’s World Cup success.

“We’re the only place from a direct-to-consumer point where you can get these games,” Cordella explained. “I’m sure you’ve watched a lot of Spanish language matches in your life as a big football fan and people are fine with watching in Spanish. Andrés Cantor is one of the best football announcers in the world. When you listen to him name a match, it doesn’t matter if you understand Spanish completely or not.

“The other part is that the Hispanic demographic is ending up leaning more towards streaming. The younger audience probably helped too.

“The last part is the daily parts. They start with weekday games where people might not be able to get in front of their TVs, so you see a disproportionate amount of people on mobile.”

A key to Peacock World Cup streaming numbers

We asked Cordella how English-speaking viewers are impacting the Peacock World Cup streaming numbers.

“We’re still diving in [to the numbers]’ Cordella said. “[Another point I have about the success of Peacock] is Premier League. The fact that we are the exclusive home of Premier League football on Peacock for many matches.

“We already have a football fandom on our platform that can just turn around during the Premier League break and watch the World Cup.”

Eight days after the World Cup final ended, the Premier League football schedule returns to Peacock.

Guide to the 2022 World Cup

Here are some resources to help you get the most out of football’s biggest event!

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