Peacock: Latest Movies & Series to Stream Now

Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, has an impressively extensive library. Whether you want to catch new series as they air, rewatch your favorite classics, or enjoy the occasional movie marathon, Peacock has all your entertainment needs as a streaming home for NBC series (think Law & Order, AGT, The Voice) and also has over 80,000 hours of legacy content.

Even the most dedicated viewers might need some help on where to start, which is why we’ve compiled a list of must-watch titles to keep your TV taste buds satisfied. Get ready for the ultimate TV and movie feast with these hidden Peacock gems!

If you’re looking for a retro classic, look no further than Save by the bell. The ’80s and ’90s series follows the lives of six close-knit high school students attending Bayside High School in California. Saved by the bell has everything you want from a high school show: tedious homework, secret crushes, and the pains and joys of growing up.

Rutherford Falls is a heartwarming comedy series. that follows the citizens of the small town of Rutherford Falls. Nathan Rutherford, a local legend and longtime resident, is tasked with campaigning against the removal of a historic statue in the town square. Created by and starring Ed Helms as Nathan Rutherford, this new series is an instant hit.

For fans of community and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, AP Bio is a humorous romp that’s easy to overdo on a long weekend. Glenn Howerton (Dennis from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia) plays a disgraced professor who is forced to teach an AP biology class at a high school in Toledo, OH. Packed with fun characters and endless misadventures, AP Bio is a treat.

wolves like me is for fans of supernatural mysteries and romantic adventures… with a twist that will make viewers howl. With Isla Fisher and Josh Gad, wolves like me follows the life of an expat who moves to Australia to develop a closer bond with his daughter. He meets a mysterious but charming woman who he gets along with immediately, but she has quite a bit of baggage that makes the connection a bit complicated.

If you’re looking for a sci-fi series that will hook you from the start, you’ll love it Battlestar Galactica. set in a distant star system, Battlestar Galactica follows the crew of the ancient Galactica spaceship as they fight and try to save humanity from the evil Cylons. With few people alive after the war, it’s up to Galactica’s crew to save the day.

Everyone remembers the instant madness caused by Netflix The Tiger King. Joe vs Carole takes the story and infuses it with more Hollywood spice as it follows the rivalry between infamous tiger trainer Joe Exotic and tiger rehabilitation center owner Carole Baskin. With John Cameron and former Saturday night live star Kate McKinnon, Joe vs Carole is a wild watch.

For those who love late night comedy, The Carol Burnett Show becomes an instant hit. The iconic Carol Burnett, of course, stars in this show, which spans an endless array of comedy skits, variety-inspired performances and musical comedy. With talented guest stars and members of their comedy troupe, it’s impossible to watch The Carol Burnett Show without a laugh.

friday night lights may seem like a show about football, but it’s much more than that. The NBC drama follows the life of one of the nation’s top high school football teams, the Dillon Panthers, and their coach, Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler). Proving that sometimes our families are made up of our closest friends, friday night lights is a timeless classic.

The original quantum leap is an NBC classic that follows the members of the Quantum Leap project. With Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett jumps Sam through space and time to live a different person’s life every day. Check out what’s new from NBC quantum leap Mondays at 10/9c and next day on Peacock.

For fans of SNL sketches and alums, MacGruber is the perfect hidden gem of Peacock. The 2010 action comedy series is based on the SNL Sketch of the same name and serves as the perfect parody of the action-adventure series MacGyver. Will Forte stars alongside Kristen Wiig in the title role.

Classic NBC Comedies

On Peacock you will find hits like The office, 30 rocks, Supermarket, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You can also enjoy the NBC hit from the 1980s Bottom up! Set in a Boston bar called Cheers, the series follows the lives of the regulars and staff at a bar where everyone knows your name. you can enjoy it cheers‘ hugely successful spin-off series, Frasieralso on Peacock!

days of our lives occupation

If you’re a fan of animated classics, Peacock has one of the most iconic movies of all time, The Road to El Dorado. Be swept away on a whirlwind adventure as Miguel and Tulio search for the legendary city of El Dorado, the secret palace of gold and wealth second to none. With a soundtrack written by the icon Elton John himself, what’s not to love?

Universal Studios horror classics

Once scary season kicks in or you’re just craving a scary movie, Peacock has a top-notch selection. Among countless horror and thriller titles to choose from, Peacock has the Universal Studios Horror Classics collection. Enjoy the original Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Manand more!

Rarely is a scary movie made that is equal parts terrifying and hilarious, but Shaun of the Dead is a great example. The film follows Shaun and his burned-out roommate, two aimless men with uneventful lives, as their circumstances are turned upside down after finding themselves at the center of a zombie apocalypse.

Dolly Parton is a national treasure, with plenty of films under her cowboy belt, though Steel magnolias is a timeless classic. With an all-star cast including Sally Field, Julia Roberts and Shirley MacLaine, the film follows the lives of six Southern women who visit a hair salon owned by Parton. You will laugh, you will cry and you will never forget this film treasure.

Buckle up for the thrilling conclusion to the latest Jurassic Park Movies via streaming Jurassic World: Dominion on peacock. Subscribers can enjoy two versions of domination, the original theatrical version and a 14-minute longer version with an alternative beginning. Other franchise landmarks like Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Jurassic Park III are also available to stream for the ultimate dino thon of your dreams.

If you miss the familiar faces This is usYou must watch Sterling K. Brown’s latest movie, Horn for Jesus. save your soul The film follows Pastor Lee-Curtis, a former leader of a Southern Baptist megachurch, as he tries to regain his former glory after his church was shut down following a scandal.

baby mom is another outstanding film by SNL Graduates, starring the hilarious duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The film follows a woman trying to have children, a cheating surrogate and a clueless friendship born of their unconventional relationship. baby mom is full of laughs, the perfect comedy for any girls night out.

Once the holidays arrive, it’s hard to deny yourself the pleasure of watching or re-watching the classic romantic comedy love actually. love actually has everything you could want in a vacation movie: musical performances, an all-star cast, and more than a few heartfelt moments that keep this flick on many people’s all-time bucket list.

For film viewers who like to compare their films to the book, Ex girlfriend is a perfect choice. The thriller stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple with a bunch of skeletons in their closet. With Amy gone, Nick quickly becomes suspect #1 and must prove his innocence while pondering their troubled marriage. Ex girlfriend is a must-see thriller with tons of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes the whole time.

Stream tons of TV shows and movies on Peacock now.

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