Parenting tips: How to support your children, make wise career choices

When it comes to their children’s career choices, it is often difficult for parents to be objective, assuming that their relatively greater life experience gives them better ability to make decisions and set the direction. Although it comes from a place of love and caring, parents need to understand that the world and careers are always evolving.

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s career development, and their role has become even more apparent in these times when the pandemic and economic upheaval have exacerbated student problems. The dynamic educational and professional landscape is another determining factor for students’ career choices.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Suarshan Vid, co-founder and CEO of MerlinWand suggested: “The support system that parents create should never be used to decide children’s careers. She should support them and give the children the freedom to choose their own profession, however unusual or immature it may seem at the moment. The support can be more in the form of advice to help the child succeed in their chosen career and even if they fail, the parents can help the children move on and help them make further decisions.”

Rahul Subramanium, co-founder of Athena Education, pointed to the few comments he often repeats to parents, advising: “Be present on your child’s journey to excellence, support their passions and aspirations. Don’t compare your child to Sharma ji ka beta. All kids have their own unique path and brand, so help them explore and let it shine through. Also, listen to their problems and try to find solutions together. Finally, parents, you need to tell stories about your mistakes and tell your child that it’s okay to fall, while still emphasizing the importance of learning from those setbacks to make them stronger.”

Roopali Birman, Advisory Manager at iSchoolConnect, recommended: “Parents can help their children make career choices without being overbearing. They can intentionally or accidentally influence their children’s career choices. The first step is to open the horizon of possibilities that can be explored based on your child’s interests and abilities. The next is to help them narrow down those choices. If vision is lacking or there are loose ends, don’t rely on hearsay or guesswork, because this is where your child’s future is at stake. Turn to experts and counselors who can give your child more perspective on the decisions.”

She added: “Finances play a crucial role, especially if you plan on sending your child abroad for higher education. According to surveys conducted to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Indian parents’ financial preparedness when planning their children’s education, saving for education takes precedence over other parents’ life aspirations. Don’t miss the opportunity; Start financial planning for your child’s education early on. To avoid painful adjustments later, diversify your corpus and make sure you account for educational inflation.”

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