Padded exercises start in Austin, here’s who to watch

The Texas Longhorns are put on the pads as the reality of the upcoming season sets in for the soccer team.

Steve Sarkisian has been impressed with the team’s physicality so far. Now players in the trenches have a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Yesterday, Sarkisian noted a handful of players who have displayed the explosiveness the staff craves. He noticed that Vernon Broughton and Byron Murphy had been particularly explosive under defensive tackles.

On the other hand, the offensive should definitely become more physical this year. Last but not least, the competition will demand physicality from the starting five.

The Texas coaching staff will be looking to update Texas’ batting power this season. Here are a few players who could now show that hitting is becoming more feasible.

Diamond Tucker Dorsey

Mike Caudill/The Virginian-Pilot via AP

If the transfer linebacker can pass the physical test, good luck keeping him off the field. The former James Madison standout has faced some questions as to whether his game will be translated to Texas or not. Tucker-Dorsey has a chance to significantly increase his value in the eyes of the coaches.

Ryan Watts

Ceb Osu21min Kwr 69

I’m sure Texas would love to see physical play from cornerbacks. The Longhorns could use an outside faceoff to slow down opposing wide receivers.

Morice Blackwell

Morice Blackwell Texas Longhorns AP Photo/LM Otero

While 7v7 sessions favor smaller defensive backs, Morice is Blackwell’s time to shine with padded drills. The linebacker who has become a safe can prove his clout in this phase of the camp.


The above game is what some have come to expect from Alfred Collins. According to Steve Sarkisian, this is not the reality of practice on a play-by-play basis. If Collins can play consistently, he could be a boon for Big 12 teams.

Cole Hutson

Austin American statesman

Cole Hutson might be the most mentally prepared of the freshman linemen to take the field. If he proves physically ready, there’s game time up for grabs at the center or guard.

Vernon Broughton

Image courtesy of Texas Sports

Vernon Broughton was a big player in high school. If he manages to further uproot resistance in practice, he could move further up the depth chart.

Kelvin Banks

AP Photo/Michael Thomas

Kelvin Banks has the attention of Kyle Flood. He has a chance to differentiate himself in the left tackle as his physicality transitions to the collegiate level.

Yes’Tavion Sanders

Syndication: Austin American Statesman

Ja’Tavion Sanders can rise from reserve to undisputed No. 1 tight end in just one offseason. Sanders may be able to catch the ball as well as anyone else on the team. If he can block as well as some are expecting, he should see some significant play time.

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