Overlord Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date and Streaming for Fan Favorite Anime

After three long years, the fan-favorite Overlord anime returns this week, but when will Season 4 Episode 1 be released for streaming?

Anime fans are used to long breaks between seasons, especially when a series adapts an already established manga or light novel series.

However, after a period of time, the community may worry about the possible cancellation or indefinite suspension of their favorite series.

It’s been over three years since the hit dark fantasy anime overlord was last on our screens, but fans finally know what the future holds.

A new preview trailer for Overlord Season 4 premiered online on March 12th, confirming a July 2022 return, but what date and time will Episode 1 be released for online streaming?

Overlord season 4 release date, time and streaming for episode 1

On December 17, 2021, the Kadokawa Anime YouTube channel shared the first preview trailer for Overlord Season 4 and announced that the series would premiere its fourth installment in 2022. Finally, on March 12th, the fourth season of the Overlord anime was confirmed and will be released in July 2022 as part of the summer broadcast schedule.

It has since been revealed that Overlord Season 4 Episode 1 will premiere on Tuesday July 5 at 10pm domestically in Japan.

Episode 1 of Overlord Season 4 became available on Crunchyroll Tuesday, July 5 at 7:00am PT/10:00am ET/3:00pm BST/4:00pm CEST/10:00pm PHT .

If you’re a new anime fan, Crunchyroll is currently offering several subscription packages that grant access to Overlord Season 4 when it premieres online:

  • Fan Pack: £6.50 per month, no ads but access is limited to one device at a time
  • Mega Fan Pack: £7.99 per month, no ads, streaming across four devices and offline viewing
  • Mega Fan Pack: £79.99 per year, no ads, streaming across four devices and offline viewing – 16% off compared to the monthly plan

As fans around the world now count down to the upcoming release of Overlord Season 4, the community is used to long pauses between new content. When Overlord season 3 wrapped up in October 2018, not many of us would have thought that two years would go by with no news about season 4.

That being said, by this point Overlord fans were already used to long breaks between shows, including a 26-month gap between seasons 1 and 2. The good news is that there should be a lot more Overlord content to look forward to to be happy Not only is the show hugely popular with fans around the world, but there’s also plenty of source material from the original light novel series.

An Overlord anime film is also in the works

Alongside the announcement regarding Season 4 in 2021, it has been officially confirmed that Overlord will be getting a feature film.

The voice actors and production team have yet to be confirmed, but key staff members from the television series are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming film.

The Overlord film has not received an initial release date, but it has been confirmed that it would adapt the Holy Kingdom arc from the series.

More information is expected to be shared after the conclusion of season four, which is expected to reach its final episode on September 20th.

Season 3 of the Isekai Quartet is also in the works

While Overlord will return for Season 4, its crossover series Isekai Quartet has also been renewed for a third season.

Isekai Quartet is arguably the best crossover series in the anime world, with characters from Overlord, KonoSuba, Re:Zero, and Tanya the Evil all interacting brilliantly.

In addition, an Isekai Quartet film entitled “Isekai Quartet The Movie -Another World-The film premiered in June 2022.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

In other news, the anime Solo Leveling was announced on A-1, scheduled for release in 2023 in the first trailer

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