Outdoor must-haves trending on Instagram

With summer officially here and the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s about time we all took a good, long look at the state of our outdoor decor.

And if your backyard living space is anything like ours after a long winter, it could probably use a little pick-me-up before the holidays begin.

In this week’s Instagram decor trending trend, we’ve rounded up five must-haves to make your backyard a favorite destination this summer. From sleek, mean grill machines to the ultimate in lounge tech, this list has something for everyone. Here are five outdoor upgrades you should make ASAP to get your yard sizzling this summer.

1. The Big Green Egg

Are you cooking for the masses this summer? Then you might just want to swap out your rusty old grill for the one everyone’s talking about – aka @upsidelifestyle’s Big Green Egg grill.

“We’re excited to see leading furniture and interiors brands launching new furniture lines with sculptural shapes,” he says Devin Schaffer, Senior Interior Designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design. “There is a certain magic to the application of an unexpected material or shape to an everyday object, especially when done in moderation. And dark shades of green are a perfect option for accenting outdoor spaces.”

Get the look: Level up your grilling game by purchasing the Big Green Egg collection.

2. Garden cart

We can’t always have the garden of our dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to display your favorite plants and outdoor knick-knacks. Just take a look at this backyard garden cart by @amanda_louise_homeandgarden for inspiration.

“Adding a garden cart is not only a great way to display plants and garden ornaments, it can quickly become a bar cart,” says Shaffer. “For weathered pieces, an inexpensive tablecloth is all you need to upgrade the look and impress your guests.”

Get the look: Invest in storage that does double duty (decor and drinks) with the Lena bar trolley.

3. Tree Stump Table

Sometimes the best decor is the organic material we find right in our natural environment – like this repurposed tree stump table by @ola_gia_to_spiti_official.

“Natural elements are a great way to add an extra layer of texture and scale,” he says Ariel Richardson, Founder and Lead Designer of ASR Design Studio. “Also, the wood tones bring a lot of warmth, while recycled materials are used. These surfaces are also very sturdy making it a great place for drinks etc.”

Get the look: Repurpose a fallen tree with this DIY guide, or buy this wood accent table from Bogner.

4. sun lounger

You know those tempting sun loungers you always find by the pool in hotels? Well, why not bring a bit of that outdoor extravagance to your backyard by investing in your very own sun lounger, as seen in this post by @perrinhq.

“Sun loungers have become more popular, particularly as urban people have migrated to the suburbs,” says Shaffer. “Especially as they require an oversized patio to match.”

Get the look: Bring some XL luxury to your outdoor space with this Raminez double long lounger.

5. Porch Rug

Welcome mats are great, but have you ever thought about turning your porch into an outdoor living room by adding an oversized rug like this one from @thefarmhouseinterior?

“Using a larger than normal porch rug really fills the space,” says Richardson. “In this example, the overhang protects the entryway, making it an ideal spot for a beautifully designed outdoor rug, while also providing a focal point before entering the home.”

Get the look: Create a focal point on your porch with this indoor-outdoor rug from Tomas.

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