Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Questions Why Texas, Oklahoma Allow Big 12 Business Meetings

Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy “jokingly” offered new Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark Wednesday’s advice: Don’t let the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners continue to attend the league’s business meetings.

Gundy, who has been the Oklahoma state coach since 2005, said he’s surprised the Longhorns and Sooners — who will join the SEC on July 1, 2025, if not sooner — were still involved in Big 12 meetings.

“It’s interesting,” Gundy told reporters shortly after his comments onstage at the Big 12 media days. “We go to conference meetings and OU and Texas are there. You’re still in the conference. But I suspect when they go, they’ll scratch up things that can help them when they’re in the SEC. So it’s an unusual situation. I think there’s a business side to people saying, ‘It is what it is’ these days. 10 years ago they might not even let you into meetings.

“The new commissioner, I mean, frankly, if I were him, I wouldn’t let OU and Texas into any meetings.”

Gundy said he was thrilled with Yormark’s background, calling him an “absolutely perfect passer for what college football is today.” He also compared the situation Yormark inherits with Texas and Oklahoma to how companies operate when someone moves to a competitor.

“I say that jokingly,” Gundy said. “But I mean, if you’re strategically in a business meeting, if it’s two cell phone companies, I don’t want anyone from their company in my company.”

Gundy said in his opening remarks that there does not appear to be a scenario where Oklahoma State and Oklahoma would continue their Bedlam rivalry streak in football after the Sooners were eliminated from the conference.

“The future of Bedlam is there’s a year or two left,” Gundy said. “I mean, that’s Bedlam’s future based on someone else’s decision.”

He later told reporters that continuing the series wasn’t logistically possible because the two schools attend different conferences.

“It’s not really feasible,” Gundy said. “We’re scheduled by ’32? ’33? Most conferences will have at least nine conference games, I think, once that all settles down. So you’re talking about contract takeovers, and you’re talking about convincing the head coaches to do one to play another game, which would be like another conference game. There’s a lot happening. I think most fans would love to do it. I just don’t think it’s possible in my opinion.”

Gundy caused laughter when he compared the conference’s realignment to The Carpenters’ 1970 hit “We’ve Only Just Begun” and said he had considered realigning when he heard the song recently.

Gundy said he didn’t know if Texas or Oklahoma would remain in the conference until their rights award expires in 2025, but he was fine with an early exit if they wanted to pay the Big 12.

“If they go early and throw $80 million on our side, I think that’s great,” Gundy said.

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