Ohio State fans cried out being THE worst

Notre Dame and Ohio State are not football rivals in the traditional sense in which they often share a field. Heck, even though they’re only a short road trip apart, they’ve only met a handful of times in their extensive Gridiron history.

However, they are rivals when it comes to countless battles for recruits across the Midwest and nationally. The two happen to be in the middle of a two-year streak. Some of those fans, who will be plentiful at Notre Dame Stadium this September, were called out one by one by a business owner who knows Big Ten fans.

Just to brief you, Northwestern is preparing to construct an all-new football stadium that will be state-of-the-art. It’ll be a lot different than her humble home now known as Ryan Field, but let’s get down to business.

The Wall Street Journal recently documented that residents of Evanston (not Chicago) aren’t all excited about the plans for the new stadium. However, one of the supporters of the plan is a local business owner. Owning what some call a hot dog stand but actually an institution, Mustard’s Last Stand (seriously, if you’re ever in Evanston make your way there, game day or not), which is in Shadow of Ryan Field seated. Some have complained about the behavior of opposing fans, but this business owner is not one of them. Well, except in the case of a northwestern rival.

Mr Starkman, who is 56, said complaints about fans urinating on lawns and bushes after games are overblown and would only happen if Northwestern hosts Ohio State.

Wisconsin fans party very hard but are “nice and respectful,” he said; Michigan State fans are “brilliant, lots of doctors and judges”; Michigan supporters are “brawlers” but generally well behaved; Iowa’s are the friendliest in the Big Ten, and Nebraska’s fans are most likely to arrive in pickup trucks.

“Ohio state fans are the only problem,” said Mr. Starkman. “They have a monster following and they think the world is their bathroom.”

Here we go. A man who sees it as up close and personal as anyone in the Big Ten essentially called Ohio State fans THE WORST.

Be aware owners of South Bend real estate. Those “who think the world is their bathroom” come to town in September.

Side note: I would have liked to hear Starkman generalize Notre Dame fans after their trip to Ryan Field in 2018.

Additional side note: I meant it when I said check out Mustard’s if you’re ever in Evanston.

Below: A few Buckeyes fans “in action”

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