No World Cup tickets on sale despite empty seats

No World Cup tickets are available for purchase on FIFA’s official ticketing portal, although a lot of empty seats can clearly be seen at many matches during the tournament. the athlete can reveal.

While many tickets were sold out long before the first game, FIFA is now in the “last minute sales phase” where additional tickets can be purchased at short notice. All KO games are listed as sold out. There is a link to an official resale platform but few seemed available.

For the group stage matches, however, some are listed as sold out, but many others are listed as “low availability”, suggesting tickets are on sale.

the athlete spoke to several Portuguese and Ghanaian fans in Qatar who complained that they could not buy tickets for the clash between the two teams on the FIFA portal at short notice, but many seats in the stadium seemed to be empty.

Wales v Iran on Friday is listed as ‘low availability’ However, the three ticket categories, ranging in price from 250 Qatari riyals ($69) to ($210), are all greyed out and cannot be purchased.

This also applies to games much further in the future – for example Costa Rica vs Germany on Thursday 1st December is listed as ‘low availability’ but ticket categories are greyed out.

An exception is Japan vs Spain where the 250 QAR tickets are not greyed out. However, when they are added to the cart, it shows as “unavailable”.

When was it not possible to buy a single ticket for a single game for a World Cup game? the athlete examined the online portal and verified these results by a user who already has playing cards.

There have been indications that FIFA’s official attendance figures are incorrect.

For example, the attendance for tonight’s Switzerland v Cameroon game was reported as 39,089 with a stadium capacity of 44,325, but there were a large number of empty seats that were clearly visible, suggesting a far lower actual attendance.

Similarly, Portugal’s clash with Ghana was reported as almost full, although thousands of empty seats were visible. The VIP areas seemed particularly empty The Athletics Journalists who have attended several matches have reported that stadiums often seem to clear out at half-time.

The lack of availability of tickets for matches in stadiums that do not appear to be full could be explained by people buying tickets for matches and not showing up.

However, this cannot be confirmed. the athlete contacted FIFA and the organizers of the World Cup in Qatar for comment.


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