No Dan Mullen for the Crimson Tide

Pick a name from the funnel to replace former Alabama Football OC Bill O’Brien. After Chris Low, Dan Mullen prefers to “focus on his TV career as a football analyst”.

It could be a driving theme that Mullen was never Nick Saban’s first choice. And maybe he wasn’t, but he certainly was one of the three or four names most often suggested by Crimson Tide fans.

The two key attributes Alabama football needs in its next offensive coordinator are astute game calls and what’s often referred to as the “quarterback whisperer.” Dan Mullen has demonstrated these skills throughout his coaching career. But these Crimson Tide fans and Dan Mullen need to move on.

Where is Alabama Football headed next? Really, only Nick Saban has that answer. Chris Low reminded everyone that the Crimson Tide’s next OC will be Tuscaloosa’s sixth in the last eight seasons. Some may argue that the lack of continuity was a major problem for the Crimson Tide. This is contrasted by the fact that Lane Kiffin, Brian Daboll, Mike Locksley, Steve Sarkisian and Bill O’Brien have either played for or won a national championship. If there was a penalty for lack of continuity, it wasn’t a big one.

Some Crimson Tide fans aren’t disappointed with Mullen’s decision, preferring Jeff Lebby or Joe Brady. But not every Alabama football fan is smitten with both types. As I wrote before, you can’t always get what you want,

In the end, Nick Saban will get a man he wants, and Alabama Football will be fine.

Best Choice for Alabama Football

I’ve debated for weeks that the best pick for the Alabama Crimson Tide is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback coach Brian Johnson. No doubt he would have strong support from Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith and Landon Dickerson. Some have described Johnson as a younger and better version of Dan Mullen.

The biggest problem with hiring Johnson is that an NFL team might make him OC first. According to Brandon Lee Gowton,

Johnson has been linked to four OC jobs (that we’re aware of) to date. In addition to discussions with the Rams, he is said to have met with the New York Jets.

A report suggested Jonathan could take Gannon Johnson as his offensive coordinator if the former gets the job as head coach of the Houston Texans.

In my opinion, Brian Johnson would be worthy of the Crimson Tide tossing him a huge wad of cash. An added perk with Johnson is that at just 35, he may be willing to work for Nick Saban until Alabama Football needs a new head coach.

Alabama football insiders predict Nick Saban will land his next OC soon.

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