Nick Saban and Bryan Harsin have nothing in common

Luckily for Alabama football fans, a new season is upon us. When fall camp begins on August 4th, we can start in earnest tracking the progress of the Tide through drills and scrimmages through to the September 3rd season opener.

For fans who follow college football closely 12 months of the year, offseasons can be tricky. Some days there isn’t enough information to satiate fans’ appetites. For those of us who provide content, sometimes entire stories are built around assumptions. We talk about what could happen, make claims and predictions. When these claims and predictions are not based on fact, our assessment of a particular situation may be inaccurate.

Having an opinion that is not shared by the majority of readers is acceptable. It would be boring if we all agreed on everything. But making a claim without any factual basis is worthless to readers.

Such a claim was recently made at one On 3 Video. A follow-up story, also titled on On3,

“Bryan Harsin’s situation in Auburn is similar to Nick Saban’s in Alabama”

That’s a catchy title. It probably draws most of the Auburn fans and fans of other teams who despise Alabama Football head coach Nick Saban.

Nothing quite like Alabama Football in 2007

The gist of the story is that Bryan Harsin ended up in an Auburn situation similar to what Nick Saban started in Alabama. To explain this claim, the following statements were released by On 3.

When he (Saban) came into the program, there were many boosters who had access they weren’t supposed to have. Access that ultimately had a detrimental effect on what happened on Saturdays.

(Like Harsin), Saban experienced a similar setback from boosters after his freshman year in Alabama in 2007.

The first sentence is correct. The second, in fact, has no basis. Any booster pushback after the 2007 Alabama football season was just a mess, not worth Saban’s attention, let alone action from Nick.

“Similar recoil” (as Harsin bt Auburn) would have to mean there was a 2007 coup attempt in Tuscaloosa to fire Nick Saban. Such a claim is nonsense. As the On 3 Source also said when Saban took over Alabama Football it was

My way or the highway.

And this “journey” began before the school’s plane landed in Tuscaloosa in January 2007. Under other conditions, Saban would never have accepted the job. Moreover, Mal Moore, then Alabama AD, agreed with him.

Any claim of similarity between Harsin’s situation in Auburn and Saban’s in Alabama in 2007 is illusory.

let me be clear On 3 is an excellent platform. I respect their work and as a subscriber I regularly consume their content. Unfortunately, on this one occasion, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

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