New Star Wars games need to be bolder than Jedi: Fallen Order

One of the criticisms Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is that it’s been a little too safe and action-oriented in its choice of hero and storyline war of stars Games on the horizon, there’s one concern Lucasfilm isn’t fully addressing war of stars in the gaming medium. There is no doubt that Fallen Order is a fantastic game with a solid story and cast. However future war of stars Games absolutely need to branch out to live up to the franchise. With such a vast universe to play in, it’s disappointing game after game to follow the same protagonists and tell the same stories, especially given the breadth of genres LucasArts focused on in the ’90s and 2000s.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderThe problem of lies in its reliability and predictability. Cal Kestis is another white Jedi man with a blue lightsaber – despite some Fallen Order Developers who want a black lead or female protagonist – and in a galaxy populated with multiple races and factions, this runs the risk of becoming boring. New war of stars Games need to shake things up or risk fans getting tired of the same genres and heroes.

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New Star Wars games need to more fully capture the galaxy far, far away

Playing as a Jedi is fun, and it’s hard to imagine anyone out there who doesn’t love bouncing around the environment Fallen Order, walk on walls and use the Force. However, there are many other stories and genres that war of stars Game developers could use it. A look back into the past war of stars Games will show that there are many that developers could use for inspiration.

Star Wars: Squadrons was hugely successful and a breath of fresh air from the quintessential Jedi stories that were so relied on. The storyline was captivating while the gameplay was a wonderful throwback to the days of one of the best space flight sims. Star Wars: TIE Fighterssince players could participate in dogfights and missions. squadrons proved that there was room for flight combat and simulation games rather than the same action-adventure over and over again.

Future Star Wars games should not rely on the Jedi

Star Wars Episode 1 Podracer

A new updated version of a podracing game similar to Star Wars Episode I: Racers would be loads of fun. The remasters for racer have been well received, and a brand new version of racer could work as a podracing sim on Tatooine, but would also be exciting as a speeder bike race through the skies over planets like Nar Shaddaa. franchise like forza, dirtand Need speed provide a blueprint for how war of stars could once again open up the racing genre.

Developers need to rely less on Jedi stories for new things war of stars Play as there is an entire galaxy to choose from. With the great success of The Mandalorian Series on Disney+, it would make sense to have one of the new ones war of stars Games are about Mandalorians as they lend themselves to multiple game genres. Open-world RPG, FPS, and real-time strategy could all focus on Mandalorian characters, opening up the gaming side of the franchise to some much-needed diversity in terms of factions.

war of stars has such a vast galaxy to explore, but this isn’t reflected in the franchise’s current gaming era. There are several war of stars Games that are currently in development and hopefully at least one of them will break free from what is becoming a tiring form. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a great game, but the galaxy far, far away needs to do more.

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