New soccer team recruits female tackle players

MASON, Ohio – A new football team is forming in the Cincinnati area recruiting women to play tackle football.

what you need to know

  • The Cincinnati Cougars are a new all-women tackle football team
  • The team is trying to attract enough players to compete in the Women’s Football Alliance, a women’s tackle football league
  • The Cougars plan to complete team selection in January and begin competition in April

Even in snowy weather, this team is busy training the players for the next competitive season.

“My main position is outside linebacker,” said Christine Mason.

Mason, a mother of two, said she’s been playing soccer for 10 years.

“I joined a women’s flag football team and there were a lot of women’s tackle players on that team. And they encouraged me, they approached me,” Mason said. “My ego was like, ‘Oh you should play tackle, you should play tackle.’ So I tried and fell in love.”

Because of that, she’s helping to manage a brand new women’s tackle football team called the Cincinnati Cougars.

“One of the big challenges is getting women to come out and try it because most of them think it’s intimidating because they’ve never played before. So they think they won’t be good enough when they come out because it’s brand new to them,” Mason said.

Women’s tackle football isn’t exactly new. The Women’s Football Alliance has existed since 2009.

There are WFA teams in major cities across the country, and Mason is working to ensure the Cougars are one of them.

“The coaches really work with all the players to teach them the basics and everything from the ground up,” Mason said.

She said they are still trying to find more players to complete the team in January.

They are looking for female players aged 18+ and hope to break down barriers for girls in soccer.

“There are a lot more girls playing now than there were 10 years ago. So when you see female umpires in NFL games or girls at the high school level, every now and then you hear a new story at the college level. Things like that and things like our women’s team, which has helped inspire the younger generation that they can play football and they can do it,” Mason said.

The Cincinnati Cougars are expected to start in April.

Players are not paid to play the games, but there is a fee to participate.

For more information or if you want to play, click here to find the team’s social media

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