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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Chinese Fund Co., Ltd, together with Enoki Film Co., Ltd, has entered into a collaboration with Football Metaverse Pte Ltd (“FMPL”), a Singapore-based company, announced Singapore to start a Football Metaverse project (better known as FMEX). The FMEX team has done several second derivative adaptation work on the anime Captain Tsubasa to bring an interactive and immersive Football Metaverse Theme experience to the online football communities Captain Tsubasafan clubs of . Some of these include designing and creating NFTs, developing GameFis, etc. Captain Tsubasa is FMEX’s first goalscorer and there are many more equally interesting football-related IPs to come in the FMPL team’s development roadmap.

New Chinese Fund Co., Ltd has a long and rich experience in acquiring anime and game intellectual property. Captain Tsubasaa popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yōichi Takahashi since 1980 is one of the IPs owned by New Chinese Fund Co., Ltd. It revolves around the sport of association football with a focus on Tsubasa Ozora. Captain Tsubasa also became one of the most memorable manga and anime around the world, especially in Japan for popularizing association football.

The animation industry is a huge and booming market with an estimated market size of USD 372.44 billion in 2022. Combining the animation industry with the equally hot blockchain market, New Chinese Fund Co., Ltd and FMPL are the first players in both industries Merging an Anime IP with NFT based GameFi and Web3.0 technologies. We invite online communities and partners to join us in this area of ​​the soccer metaverse.

The FMEX team is committed to making Football Metaverse fun and easy (Fun in Simplicity, as we put it) for everyone. Are you ready to score with us?

About Football Metaverse Pte Ltd and FMEX (

Football Metaverse Pte Ltd was established by a group of professionals who have several years of experience in the online gaming and blockchain industry. With such experiences, they understand the need to balance fun gameplay with the play-to-earn concept. Keep following them and Twitter (

About New Chinese Fund Co., Ltd (

New Chinese Fund Co., Ltd specializes in acquiring intellectual property for anime and games. They have multiple success stories in distributing animation and gaming content across Asia. Captain Tsubasa is one of their focal points for the anime segment.

About Enoki Films Co., Ltd (

Enoki Films was founded in Tokyo in 1975 by Zen and Yoshi Enoki. The company focuses on the realization of animated series, from securing financing, advertisers, broadcasters and merchandising partners. Enoki Films had great success with the 128 episode Original Captain Tsubasa manufactured in 1983~1986 and Captain Tsubasa ROAD TO DREAM 52 episodes produced in connection with the Euro CUP 2004. Both series have been licensed worldwide and the merchandising/licensing activities have met with an excellent response. Enoki Films continues to explore all media opportunities, including new media such as VOD, IPTV, Internet TV, Mobile, and remains committed to being the industry leader.

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