Netizens describe British Airways’ fine dining as ‘disgusting’, airline apologizes

People like to travel by plane, but food is served airplanes not liked by many. Sometimes passengers complain about the quality or quantity, but the food served in Business Class is considered delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

Jane Hawkes, a Twitter user, shared a photo of food served to first class aviators, and netizens had to scratch their heads to identify the items. While many wondered what few items are on the plates, many others named them “disgusting” and “dirty”.

The photo shows two plates of what appears to be sausage, mushrooms, hash browns, and gray-looking scrambled eggs.

“Looks disgusting too what a horrible color the egg is,” wrote one user. Another user wrote, “No I wouldn’t touch that sausage, it looks dirty.” A third user commented, “A sausage…. That’s okay. Fried Potatoes – weird for breakfast but I’d go for it. Mushrooms – not everyone’s taste, but ok…. What are the other two things on the plate? They don’t seem to be from the food category!’

Referring to a MailOnline report, Hawkes was quoted as saying LAD Bible that the photo was sent by a friend who had flown to Heathrow. “He only shared it because he was so disgusted. He didn’t expect it to go viral,” Hawkes said.

Corresponding mirrorFirst class BA tickets from London to Abuja in June and July cost £7,172 per person.

After the photo went viral, British Airways apologized for the “disgusting” food. “We are speaking to our external caterers to understand what has happened here as this is clearly not up to our usual high standards. We are sorry that we let our customers down on this occasion,” said a British Airways spokesman LAD Bible.

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British Airways published list of food served on board does not include breakfast. However, oak-smoked Gressingham duck and lobster tortelloni are included in the appetizers, among others.

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