Netflix rejects streaming industry should be re-evaluated

Turn off subtitles

Turn off subtitles

Netflix rejects streaming industry should be re-evaluated

UNITED STATES, June 12, 2022 / — During the “Rising Phase” the market saw a number of streaming players such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Peacock and many others struggling for global presence, all of them do their best to gain ground.

Netflix saw its first quarterly drop in net-paying subscribers in more than a decade and warned that subscriber losses would continue in the near term, sending the entire industry into turmoil.

Today, the profitability prospects for the entire streaming industry are beginning to worry the market. This not only throws the valuations of the world’s biggest media and entertainment companies like Disney, Comcast, Netflix, and Warner Bros. Discovery in hot water, but also leaves the tens of billions of dollars they spend each year on original content with an uncertain future.

However, the HBO and HBO Max services added 12.8 million subscribers last year, bringing the total number of subscribers worldwide to 76.8 million. But since WarnerMedia’s merger with Discovery, the company’s stock has fallen more than 20 percent since the start of trading in April.

The content of HBO Max is satisfactory, but the bugs and the user interface are also criticized by users. For example, many users want to know how to log out of HBO Max on Roku because they are having trouble finding the button.

HBO Max will be available on Vizio SmartCast TVs starting in 2021, meaning users will no longer need to use a Cast workaround to access the streaming service. In the past, the most common search terms for users were HBO max on Vizio Smart TV.

The 2022 Winter Olympics is bringing plenty of dividends to the market, and NBC has been a broadcaster of the Games for many years, and this time its “newcomer,” Peacock, jumped at the opportunity. One of Peacock’s greatest strengths is its content richness. The platform mainly offers live content from NBC Universal and various copyrighted content including TV series, movies, news and sports.

Peacock also has many hidden features. Closed captioning (hidden subtitles) is one of Peacock’s handy features and is crucial for users in noisy environments or those with hearing impairments.

But sometimes, like watching an intense football game, users don’t like hidden subtitles to distract us, so users have to figure out how to turn off subtitles for Peacock.

Of course, for more content and a better viewing experience, users have the option to pay for the Premium and Premium+ versions. This model, which is similar to traditional paid TV shows, makes Peacock unique.

All these streams can be downloaded from the Emotn Store, a TV app store software specially designed for Smart TVs, Projectors and Android TV Boxes with a rich resource of apps.

Not long ago, the formula for streaming success was simple: add subscribers and watch the stock price soar. But now nobody knows if streaming can still lead to a profitable path and which players can finally pool their resources and end up winning.

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