NCAA Football Watch Guide – Week 4

I’m the type of person who has a bad habit of sometimes fearing the end of something good, even if it’s still in progress. When I go on vacation, I often look forward to the sense of loss I will experience on the same journey back home. Now that we’re a quarter into the regular season, I can’t help but fear the end. We await the off-season months with anticipation of the children on Christmas Eve, but the holiday itself is passing far too quickly.

Luckily for us, this holiday lasts twelve weeks and we have nine more to come. We’ve already been treated to some goofballs this year, excitement galore, and enough twists and turns to make M. Night Shyamalan nod in silent agreement. Teams have lost placements, coaches and playoff hopes, and that’s only been the case for the first three weeks. I’m still stunned to see Appalachian State pulling another rabbit out of a hat a week after Texas A&M stunned. At the same time, both Duke and Kansas must have grabbed a fist to go 3-0 and narrowly missed ESPN College GameDay, which featured for his 9,445. trip to SEC country.

The season is already full of stories, and there are so many more to be written as we move into conference play. Who is ripe for a surprise and who will come out on top in the race for the conference title? Week 4 has the answers ready.

Thursday, 09/22

Match Time (CT) TV stream
Match Time (CT) TV stream
West Virginia @ Virginia Tech 6:30 PM ESPN WatchESPN
Coastal Carolina in the state of Georgia 6:30 PM ESPN2 WatchESPN
[email protected] 19:30 o’clock BTN

Friday, 09/23

Match Time (CT) TV stream
Match Time (CT) TV stream
Virginia @ Syracuse 6:00 p.m ESPN WatchESPN
Nevada @ Air Force 19.00 FS1
State of Boise @ UTEP 8:00 pm CBSSN

Hello Hello! Thursday night football returns this week. West Virginia @ Virginia Tech is your go-to place for Power 5 action and Coastal Carolina in the state of Georgia will likely set fireworks as the Chanticleers have surpassed 30 points in every game so far this year.

Friday’s games have a little more juice as an undefeated Orange side look to stay that way when they host Virginia at 6pm. Syracuse’s win over Purdue last week was another roller coaster finish, although much of that came from the Boilers shooting each other in the foot with a howitzer. The other two games on Friday night, Nevada @ Air Force and State of Boise @UTEP All have G5 teams, but as we should know by now, those late night G5 games can be where really crazy things happen.

On to the main event.

Saturday, 09/24

Match Time (CT) TV stream
Match Time (CT) TV stream
State of Kent @ No. 1 Georgia 11:00 O’CLOCK SEC network WatchESPN
Maryland @ #4 Michigan 11:00 O’CLOCK FOX
#5 Clemson @ #21 Wachwald 11:00 O’CLOCK ABC WatchESPN
Central Michigan @ #14 Penn State 11:00 O’CLOCK BTN
#17 Baylor in the state of Iowa 11:00 O’CLOCK ESPN2 WatchESPN
Rhode Island @ #24 Pittsburgh 11:00 O’CLOCK ACC network WatchESPN
Missouri @ Auburn 11:00 O’CLOCK ESPN WatchESPN
Bowling Green in the state of Mississippi 11:00 O’CLOCK SEC network WatchESPN
[email protected] 11:00 O’CLOCK ESPN U WatchESPN
Duke @ Kansas 11:00 O’CLOCK FS1
South Florida @ Louisville 11:00 O’CLOCK ESPN 3 WatchESPN
Buffalo @ Eastern Michigan 11:00 O’CLOCK CBSSN
UCLA @ Colorado 1:00 PM PAC-12 network
UMass @ Temple 1:00 PM ESPN+ WatchESPN
[email protected] 1:00 PM ESPN+ WatchESPN
#20 Florida @ #11 Tennessee 2.30 CBS
#22 Texas @ Texas Tech 2.30 ESPN WatchESPN
Middle Tennessee @ #25 Miami 2.30 ACC network WatchESPN
Notre Dame in North Carolina 2.30 ABC WatchESPN
Minnesota in the state of Michigan 2.30 BTN
[email protected] 2.30 ESPN2 WatchESPN
James Madison @ Appalachian State 2.30 ESPN+ WatchESPN
Toledo in the state of San Diego 2.30 FS1
Florida International @ Western Kentucky 2.30 CBSSN
North Texas @ Memphis 2.30 ESPN+ WatchESPN
Texas Southern @ UTSA 2.30 N / A N / A
#15 Oregon @ Washington State 3:00 p.m FOX
Tulsa @ #16 Ole Miss 3:00 p.m SEC network WatchESPN
Georgia Tech @ UCF 3:00 p.m ESPN U WatchESPN
State of Sacramento @ State of Colorado 3:00 p.m N / A N / A
Arizona @ California 4:30 p.m PAC-12 network
Akron @ Freedom 5.00 ESPN+ WatchESPN
Navy @ East Carolina 5.00 ESPN+ WatchESPN
Ball State @ Georgia Southern 5.00 ESPN+ WatchESPN
State of Arkansas @ Old Dominion 5.00 ESPN+ WatchESPN
Rice @ Houston 5.00 ESPN+ WatchESPN
Northern Illinois @ #8 Kentucky 6:00 p.m ESPN2 WatchESPN
#10 Arkansas @ #23 Texas A&M 6:00 p.m ESPN WatchESPN
[email protected] 6:00 p.m FS1
Southern Miss @ Tulane 6:00 p.m ESPN+ WatchESPN
UNLV @ State of Utah 6:00 p.m CBSSN
Houston Baptist in the state of Texas 6:00 p.m ESPN 3 WatchESPN
Marshall @Troy 6:00 p.m NFL Network
Louisiana Tech @ South Alabama 6:00 p.m ESPN+ WatchESPN
Vanderbilt @ #2 Alabama 6:30 PM SEC network WatchESPN
Wisconsin @ #3 State of Ohio 6:30 PM ABC WatchESPN
UConn @ #12 NC state 6:30 PM ESPN 3 WatchESPN
New Mexico @ LSU 6:30 PM SEC network WatchESPN
Miami (OH) @ Northwest 6:30 PM BTN
Charlotte @ South Carolina 6:30 PM ESPN U WatchESPN
Florida Atlantic @ Purdue 6:30 PM BTN
State of Kansas @ #6 Oklahoma 19.00 FOX
Hawaii @ State of New Mexico 19.00 N / A N / A
Boston College in the state of Florida 19.00 ACC network WatchESPN
Louisiana @UL Monroe 19.00 ESPN+ WatchESPN
#7 USC @ Oregon State 8:30 p.m PAC-12 network
Wyoming @ #19 BYU 9:15 p.m ESPN2 WatchESPN
#13 Utah @ Arizona State 9:30 p.m ESPN WatchESPN
Stanford @ #18 Washington 9:30 p.m FS1
Western Michigan @ San Jose State 9:30 p.m CBSSN

Our first football Saturday of the fall, and it’s packed with conference games to enjoy alongside our hoodies and Oktoberfest.

As much as I’m a Big Ten fan, Maryland @ #4 Michigan doesn’t attract me that much. I’ve watched the undefeated non-conference Terrapin show too many times and won’t be buying it this year. Michigan keeps rolling.

Also from the B1G, #14 Penn State should roll against Central Michigan. The Nittany Lions impressed against Auburn last week. Granted, Auburn is one of the worst teams in the SEC, but a win against an SEC team of any caliber and in the manner in which they won is worth mentioning. #5 Clemson @ #21 guard forest on ABC also seems interesting as there is a high likelihood that one of these teams will represent the ACC Atlantic Division in their championship game.

I’m looking forward to watching too #17 Baylor @ State of Iowabelieve it or not

I know, I know, save your anger. But this could be a great opportunity for Matt Campbell’s Clones to pick up another signature win, which they seem to do year after year. If he completes Iowa State’s first 10-win season in…

…let’s see here…

oh, here it is…

… Always, he’ll have to get some surprises along the way. The Cyclones face four teams currently in the top 25. And who knows, maybe he won’t be around much longer.

In the afternoon we go, with #20 Florida @ #11 Tennessee to be the flagship game at 2:30 on CBS. Tennessee has impressed this year, notching up two big wins against overwhelmed MAC teams, but they surpassed Pittsburgh in 17th place in Week 2. Team.

minnesota @ State of Michigan is a Big Ten match to watch. The West have rightly been ridiculed for their terrible performances this season, but the Gophers can help with a win over a respected Spartans team.

As we get into the evening, we have a few more intriguing games to choose from. Of course there is iowa @ Rueger which should really only be decided on which punter, Tory Taylor or Adam Korsak, has more yards at the end of the game.

Nevada vs. Iowa

Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

#10 Arkansas @ #23 Texas A&M is your top 25 matchup of the night. I still find it funny that the Aggies beat #13 Miami but only jumped one spot.

Wisconsin @ #3 State of Ohio is the last Big Ten match of the day, but you know what to expect here. The rest of the big names are from the Pac-12 either #7 USC @ Oregon State#13 Utah @ Herm Edwards-less State of Arizona, and Stanford @ #18 Washington. The Trojans continue to impress in Lincoln Riley’s inaugural year, and the Huskies have skyrocketed in the rankings after a Michigan State dismantling last weekend. Pac-12 After Dark is alive and well.

And that’s all she wrote for week 4. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because there are eight more weekends after this one.

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