NBA YoungBoy’s mom Sherhonda Gaulden shows off her rap skills in viral song

If you thought NBA YoungBoy was good at what he does, wait ’til you hear his mom Sherhonda Gaulden’s new song that has gone viral.

The rapper is known for his extended family, consisting of many baby moms and children. But few knew how talented his own mother was as a rapper until she released her latest track.

There’s more to NBA YoungBoy’s mother than her musical skills. Here’s everything we know about them.

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NBA YoungBoy’s mom shows off her rap skills

The video of Sherhonda rapping in the song called Shake Back can be found all over TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

We won’t embed the song in this story here, as it consists of explicit language. But you can watch it HERE on YouTube.

Sherhonda’s rap skills have garnered her video more than 61,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing. The fans are blown away by how good she is and they can all see where YoungBoy gets his talent from

Less than a day has passed since the song was released.

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Sherhonda Gaulden has her own beauty line

Sherhonda wears many hats.

Not only is she a rapper, but NBA YoungBoy’s mom is also a comedian and entrepreneur who has her own beauty line.

Her Slime Effects brand is a “vegan cosmetics and skincare product that comes at an affordable price point.”

She’s also popular with her fans for her quirky sense of humor, which often trolls anything and everything on her Instagram.

She joked about preparing Thanksgiving dinner just yesterday while sharing a picture from Google.

You can see all of Sherhonda’s funny posts HERE.

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Rapper’s mom on being a grandmother

Sherhonda has been open about being a grandmother to her twelve grandchildren. She’s also been subtly shadowing her moms.

She shared on Facebook, “I have 12 grandchildren, all under the age of 5. I need to have a relationship with their mothers until they are old enough to come and by then call alone, I love them all.”

The 22-year-old NBA young boy now has eight children and is expecting his ninth.

In September 2022, the rapper revealed in the music video for Purge Me that he would be a father again.

YoungBoy reportedly has nine baby mommies.

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