NBA rappers who made a name for themselves

Harmony between the NBA and rap music is a long-term affair. There are a lot of rappers in the league today.

The NBA has always been a place receptive to different types of cultures, and the rap movement is no exception. While some stars do this as a challenge or one-off experiment, many have found it a preferred side hustle.

When we talk about NBA rappers, Damian Lillard almost always comes to mind first. But you’ll be surprised to see how many more are in this field. Let’s take a look at some of them:

#5 Andre Drummond

Youtube cover

Chicago Bulls big man Andre Drummond recently released some of his musical creations. Most notable is his rap sequence in the song “Dre Drumm – First 57”.

He’s made a name for himself as an experimental artist type. He has even admitted his intention to create a genre of music that differs from traditional rap. But looking at some of his content, it’s hard to look away from his rap skills.

#4 Aaron Gordon

A recording of Aaron Gordon from his single
A recording of Aaron Gordon from his single “9 OUT OF 10”.

Aaron Gordon entered the rap scene when he released his first two singles during the COVID-19 lockdown. His altercation with Dwyane Wade over the results of the 2020 dunk contest is particularly well known.

“However, there are only a few people who think D-Jones should have won … you and D-Jones.” D-Wade and Aaron Gordon clear the air about the 2020 dunk contest *NSFW* (via @Dwyane Wade)

Gordon’s solo entitled “9 OUT OF 10” is a diss track about getting a 9/10 for a dunk he felt should have won the contest. He later came out and said he did it mostly for fun. But he showed his talent on the microphone and behind the camera.

#3 Lou Williams

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Three-time sixth man of the year Lou Williams is talented on the court and in rap battles. When he’s not working out, he often raps. Notable among his appearances is a feature in Meek Mills’ Ima Boss that made it into the NBA 2K13 playlist.

The Atlanta Hawks point guard recently teamed up with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz and released a rap single called “Big Tuh.”

#2 Marvin Bagley III

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Fans discovered Marvin Bagley’s rap side in a similar way to Aaron Gordon’s. Bagley got into back-and-forths with Damian Lillard. This earned him some recognition in rap circles.

In 2018, Bagley launched a music video titled “Look at me now”. The song is often used to refer to his skills as a rapper.

#1 Damien Lillard

Dame DOLLA, aka Damian Lillard, is miles away from all of the above names. Lillard knows this. He doesn’t see NBA rappers as competition. In an interview about his rap talents, Lillard said:

“I’m not in competition with any player who raps in the NBA. I’m literally an artist trying to put myself in the shoes of what the actual artists are doing.”

Lillard recently renewed his contract with the Portland Trail Blazers and has often rapped about staying loyal to his team.

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