NBA Off-Season Grades: Lakers and Warriors Get Bad Grades in the West

It’s been a weird NBA offseason. Now in the second week of August, there are still big names and restricted free agents that could change the scope of the league. At the same time, it’s unclear if or when any of these dominoes will fall. So we’re going to hand out some offseason notes even though there are still some moves on the table. Previously, we rated the Eastern Conference. Today we drive west.

Dallas Mavericks: C-

Losing Jalen Brunson really hurts. And while Christian Wood brings another interesting element to the team on frontcourt, he’s a complete unknown in a playoff series, and his fit with some of the other bigs on this team (JaVale McGee, Maxi Kleber) is a bit unclear. Is it really planned for McGee and Wood to start together? Luka Dončić is so good he might actually be able to fit the square pieces into circle holes here. Still, it was a somewhat disappointing offseason after the Mavs’ thrilling run to the conference finals.

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