NBA: LeBron James, a season to become the greatest?


NBA: LeBron James, a season to become the greatest?

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 2:35 p.m. by Thomas Bourseau

LeBron James has been “the chosen one” since his early NBA debut at the age of 18 and has built a formidable legacy as a result. With multiple records and four NBA rings, King James could use the coming season and beyond to secure a spot among his sport’s greats.

in 2003, James James entered the NBA straight at the age of 18 without going through the NCAA box. Also the one who had a nickname ” The chosen one “ through sports illustrated at the time no. 1 was being fed on Cleveland equestrianwho hails from Akron, Ohio.

“LeBron was the only one who was excellent from day one”

And right LeBron James was crucial among those caves without an adjustment period. what to allow Karl barley seen recently on the podcast of Draymond Green the King James has the most beautiful history in sports. “I’m a fan of MJ, but I think what LeBron accomplished is arguably the greatest story in esports. First off, if you look at Kobe and Kevin Garnett, they weren’t great players when they got into the NBA. In my 40 years in the NBA, LeBron was the only one who was great from day one..

A nice record list

Aside from having the greatest history in the sport, James James could further cement his place in the NBA pantheon. Nowadays, King James broke all precocity records and currently holds the record for points in the playoffs (7631), the record for wins in the playoffs (174) or the record for starts for the All-Star Game (18), his first dating back to 2005, a year and a half after his first steps in the NBA.

1325 points to become the all-time top scorer

With no fewer than 37,062 points in the regular season since the start of his career, LeBron James has done better than Carl malone, kobe briant and its airiness, Michael Jordan. However, King James is not the best in this area and is the best scorer in history with 1325 points: Karem Abdul-jabbar. Starting this season, James could dethrone the legend The bone Angel lakers if he managed to average 16.5 points per game and if he played all games of the lakers. As a reminder, during the last regular season James James averaged 30 points per game as basketball session pointed out.

2295 baskets missing to dethrone Abdul-Jabbar

In 19 seasons in the NBA James James made a few baskets, 13,543 to be precise, which is 15 more than Karl Malonbut 2295 baskets less than the master in the matter, Karem Abdul Jabbar. A clear difference, which can be explained by the positions of KAJ and LBJ. In fact, the legend of lakers designed as a pivot and therefore had closer proximity to the basket when King James often pulled at the three-point line as a winger, increasing the likelihood of failure. catch up Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lebron James should develop a few more seasons.

Along with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James can keep up with Kareem Abdul Jabbar for ASG

Due to his longevity in the NBA, James James was able to participate in a variety of All-Star Games. With his 18 terms King James Voted Kobe Bryant and is a very small selection removed from the record of Karem Abdeljabbar. If this season and the next are chosen, Lebron James would then indicate 20 missions with the ASG and go a little more into the history of the NBA.

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