NBA G League Rookie of the Year Mac McClung joins the Warriors

After wearing Lakers threads during the California Classic, the first of three 2022 NBA Summer League events, McClung has decided to leave the team to join the Warriors’ Summer League team. McClung appeared in the first two games of the California Classic for the Lakers, averaging 13.0 points per game — the fourth-highest average of any participating player — before missing the field in the title game.

Despite his strong game, McClung came off the bench and played behind Max Christie, the Lakers’ only draft pick for 2022, and Scottie Pippen Jr., with whom the team signed a two-way contract last week. Joining the Warriors offers McClung a chance to shine in place of guard Ryan Rollins, the Dubs’ second-round pick, who is out for the summer with a broken foot. This summer, the Warriors, who went 0-3 during the California Classic, have started in backcourt Moses Moody, Lester Quinones, Payton Willis and Quinndary Weatherspoon. McClung has an explosiveness and goalscoring ability that could change things for the team’s summer roster.

While players signed to an organization are free to play for their summer league team, players with no contractual obligations are free to play for any team. Only players with signed contracts will receive a salary for the summer league competition. The remaining players have room, board and transport covered, but no compensation other than a daily allowance, which reportedly totals $1,500.

As for McClung, he’s likely hoping to continue earning another contract after signing a two-way deal with the Lakers in April that lasted through the end of the season. The Texas Tech product also signed two 10-day contracts with the Chicago Bulls earlier in the season, but only appeared in one game for them. While he has only two NBA appearances under his belt, McClung’s 21.7 points and 7.6 assists per G League game average earned him the G League Rookie of the Year title. Before playing professionally, McClung made a name for himself during high school after going viral on YouTube for his in-game dunks and high score results. In college, he played two seasons at Georgetown before joining Texas Tech and eventually entering the NBA Draft a year later.

While McClung probably won’t start the 2022-23 season with the Warriors, who have seven guards under contract for the coming year, he could very well secure a spot with another team. And at least he offers the potential for a summer league team that has yet to find the Victory Column.

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