Mutant Froggo – the new modern superheroes are here

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, Sept. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Mutant Froggo project is the newest and hottest addition to the cryptocurrency space. Born from the minds of seasoned crypto veterans and geniuses. The collection is made up of unique, funky looking NFTs, and the project not only comes with a hilarious trailer, but also loads of utility and features for consumers to interact with and have fun with.

  • The Mutant Froggo team works tirelessly solely for the benefit of its investors and prospective owners.
  • The project integrates an interactive and fun space while providing an earning incentive that can be tracked via an upcoming mobile application.
  • With more than one way to make money, Mutant Froggo has great potential.

Mutant Froggo, now billed as “the new heroes of the Web3 and DeFi space,” emerged from its swamp to offer future investors and owners massive gains, benefits, and benefits — at least, that’s what its team is promising. The project claims to have a variety of utilities that will attract potential customers. Including but not limited to; their NFT Collection, Mutant Mobile Application, Mutant Marketplace, Mutant Froggo Comic, Future Jump2Earn Developments, and the list goes on! Certainly, the project and the team’s capabilities are proving extremely promising so far.

With its investors as the primary beneficiaries, the team’s vision and mission work to reinforce the idea that the project will only benefit those who are actively involved in and believe in the project. – This is a marked contrast to other projects that neither prioritize their investors nor offer a truly worthwhile use case for their collections. However, with Mutant Frog’s massive and immediate resources, this gem really outshines the rest. The project aims to build an ecosystem and not just a project, which means new utilities will also be included and actively worked on in future plans. This gives investors an extra incentive to join and hold on as they embark on the Mutant Froggo journey.

The project’s primary use case will be the fun-looking NFTs they featured on their website and in their trailer – fitting given that NFTs are still on the rise despite current market conditions. The growing influence of the projects is no joke, it seems that the team behind Mutant Froggos did their research on current market trends. However, the rewards for holding their offered NFTs appear to be quite different from what we’ve seen so far. Simply owning NFTs investors will earn bearer rewards through the auto-staking and monthly subscription features of the contracts, as opposed to traditional earning styles that are steeped in NFT collections. Each Mutant Froggo NFT has a different rarity which also offers a different MPY (monthly percentage return) allowing the holder to claim additional $FROGGO tokens, the higher the rarity of the NFT the higher the MPY rate earned. Leveraging monthly subscriptions while paying back all fees to holders, this innovative business model opens the door for future project plans while offering current users the benefit of retention. NFT staking outside of auto-rewards is also a work in progress, providing another way to earn NFTs.

Recently, another trend has also emerged, namely the management of earnings through an application (preferably mobile). The Mutant Froggo quickly noticed this during the conceptual phases and for the past year have been working on their upcoming Web3 Integrated Trading and Data Management Application for IOS and Android mobile devices, where users will manage their Assets (NFTs), access the Mutant Marketplace and will host feature technologies currently under development. Through this application, users can calculate, track and interact with their assets in a safe space, guaranteeing a fresh, unique experience for cryptocurrency investors. Additionally, The Mutant Marketplace will also be found in the Mutant mobile application, providing users with easy access that can be done while on the go. It is currently still in development but nearing its final stages – meaning it will be available soon after the launch of their native token in October this year, $FROGGO.

Nowadays projects and the team behind them definitely need to be versatile and adaptable to market trends and conditions. The crew behind this project aims to do just that, with new features to add to existing ones. For example, the Jump2Earn technology, with which investors can continuously increase their existing assets, is in the early stages of development. This is not only to benefit holders by significantly increasing the amount they can earn, but also to increase demand for the NFTs – increasing the value of the Mutant Froggo NFTs exponentially. All while promoting a healthy and affluent lifestyle for its community of active investors.

There are definitely many projects popping up lately, which is why it is extremely important to keep an eye out for gems in the market and seize opportunities when they arise. The Mutant Froggo is definitely a diamond in the rough, a project everyone will be looking out for in the future!

With instant sustained rewards, and with only 1,000 NFT minted in its first wave, this collection is sure to go fast! Are you interested in securing your position? Interested investors have the opportunity to start the Mutant Froggo Project starting October 9th! This date marks the start of their 3 day Fairlaunch pre-sale which will be held through Pinksale. All of this leads to an exciting and heavily marketed launch of the native token ($FROGGO) on October 13th via Pancakeswap, with Mutant Froggo NFT Mint coming shortly after!

$FROGGO will be powered by the Binance Smart Chain Network and will have a total supply of 4,000,000 tokens with NO team supply allocated. This project is determined to demonstrate its mission by working to provide the most advantageous earning opportunities still offered in this field.

Many updates are constantly being released and promoted in their communities and with the upcoming launch it’s now or never! So hop over to the Mutant Froggo Project for more details:









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