Murray’s contract was among the most complicated

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback’s contract has once again landed at the wrong end of the discussion, this time among the most complicated.

I’ve never seen a fan base make as many excuses for a mediocre player in my life as Arizona Cardinals fans have made for quarterback Kyler Murray. Despite his constant gloom every time he has a bad streak — something he’s done since his rookie season, stagnant play and an inability to win consistently in the NFL, the Red Sea continues to find excuses.

They point to head coach Kliff Kingsbury and claim he and Murray cannot live together. And while Kingsbury needs to get his walking papers, ultimately he’s not the one on the field who can’t execute. Good quarterbacks can make a bad team look halfway decent, but mediocre quarterbacks (and coaches) can bring a good football team down.

However, Murray must accept equal responsibility here, as any sane person should recognize. No, it’s not entirely his fault, but a big part of it. And therefore ESPN’s Dan Graziano listed Murray’s contract as one of the most complicated in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback’s stagnant performance complicates contract

Murray was one of 12 quarterbacks Graziano listed with complicated contracts. Here’s what he had to say about Murray’s overpaid deal:

“You might be wondering if the Cardinals can escape the Murray deal — especially with changes in the coaching staff and/or front office on the horizon.” – Dan Graziano, per ESPN.

Graziano said there was no escaping this post-season contract, and although I did could see a general manager jumping at the opportunity to trade for Murray is by far the most likely scenario of Murray staying in the desert. However, there’s a chance the Cardinals will cut Murray after the 2023 season IF he and the Cardinals continue to stagnate – Hint: They will.

Although Graziano stated the Cardinals are unlikely to escape Murray’s inflated contract, he said if when it came to whether the Redbirds would transfer Murray after the season. But as I mentioned earlier, this is possibly a consideration that the Cardinals have found a trading partner willing to take on this contract.

Possible? Absolutely. Check out the Houston Texans, a team in need. Or the Detroit Lions, who may see more value in Murray than they do in Jared Goff. Maybe the Washington Commanders think he’s the missing link. My advice to the cardinals: If you can move the child, do it and don’t think twice about it. There’s a man named Jimmy who ripped apart your defense that should be available next season.

Murray is the worst first overall pick at quarterback since Jameis Winston in terms of how far he can take a team. And since professional football is a collective effort, he shares responsibility for causing this chaos, as does Kliff Kingsbury and general manager Steve Keim.

Article source: Complicated NFL QB Contracts to Explore: Rodgers, Russell, more from Dan Graziano

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