Mr. CFB: Is college football’s regular season overrated? Here’s what the readers are saying

I get a lot of tweets but only a few bother me. This one did.

It came from a guy who called himself Kid America and had a Twitter handle of @authentic11112. And he wrote:

“I love college football, but the notion that the regular season is great is a myth. Outside of conferences, there are few great games. There can be three great games in week 1. College football has gambling. That’s it. That keeps it going.”

How to answer?

Well, let’s start here.

just so you know IMHO every conference game in week 1 is a big game.

These games are in the first two weeks:

Nebraska vs. Northwestern (Dublin, Ireland)

West Virginia near Pittsburgh

Penn State in Purdue

Oregon vs. Georgia (Atlanta)

Cincinnati in Arkansas

Illinois near Indiana

Note lady in the state of Ohio

Utah near Florida

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