MonkeyLeague trend, but RIA is gaming crypto of the future

As the FIFA World Cup kicked off on Sunday, November 20th, the price of MonkeyLeague crypto (MBS) also spiked a bit. In the last 24 hours as of November 21, the crypto coin was up 2.83%. While that doesn’t sound like much, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for crypto, which has failed for much of this year.

In fact, MBS is down 94.74% over the past 12 months. It is down 4.07% over the past six months, 14.57% over the past month and 5.36% over the past seven days. So any positive uptrend is certainly one worth paying attention to.

It’s possible that with the World Cup at the heart of world sport, MonkeyLeague could be primed for some positive returns in the near future.

But even if it does, it’s unlikely that MBS will be a steady climber. If you are looking for a solid investment in the space, you should turn to calvaria (RIA), the gaming crypto of the future.

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MonkeyLeague focuses on next generation eSports

The MonkeyLeague is a crypto project focused on the next generation of eSports in the metaverse. Users on the MBS platform can play and compete while creating and earning huge rewards. Based on the Solana blockchain, the multiplayer gaming environment also offers NFT and finance in a decentralized way.

It offers three different player modes – Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, and Team vs. Team. This provides users with many great opportunities to train their talents and then take them to the metaverse to see how well they stack up against others. And the team vs. team aspect is one of the most robust for MBS as it creates a solid player community.

The biggest draw for MBS right now might be the fact that it offers a P2E soccer game. It would therefore make sense for MBS’s increase in value to coincide with the start of the soccer World Cup. That’s great for a very short time, but the football tournament only lasts a month. Now that the international excitement has died down, there’s a strong possibility that MBS will return to its recent failures.

Calvaria has multiple universes

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new P2E crypto game that offers players a ton of new universes to explore. The battle card game has multiple universes including Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia, and The Void. There are different characters in all three of these universes, all of which are based on the afterlife – beyond the veil of death.

Calvaria (RIA) creates a very inclusive and community-based environment as players compete in tournaments with cards representing different characters – each with their own unique abilities. Players can develop complex strategies to get rewards that can be used for various upgrades, which they can then use to defeat their opponents.

One of the best parts of Calvaria is that all players can truly own every resource in the game. They can then use these resources by playing the game or investing in the game’s ecosystem.

There are also multiple game modes – just like MonkeyLeague – which allow different players to play the game in different ways. You can compete against each other, collect assets, complete the single player campaign mode and participate in seasonal tournaments.

The entire ecosystem uses the $RIA token as the currency that powers the entire economy.


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Calvaria attracts new players

Calvaria also attracts new players in a unique way. In addition to the P2E version discussed above, a free-to-play version is also made available. This gives people unfamiliar with crypto games a simple introduction to what is involved.

Those who play the free version on mobile apps or PC can experience the same fun as the P2E version. As they play, they are educated on what the crypto gaming version is all about. This includes live highlights of how much they would have made if they had been playing the P2E version the entire time.

Most other crypto gaming projects like MonkeyLeague are simply trying to convince new players to join by touting the benefits. Calvaria allows players to try the fun and addictive game without any investment – and then literally shows them in a practical way how rewarding the P2E version can be.

Because of this, Calvaria (RIA) is the gaming crypto of the future. It uniquely attracts and brings new players on board, generating very engaged and interested investors from the start.

The rise of MBS is short-lived, while Calvaria is long-lived

Many potential investors might take MonkeyLeague’s recent rise in value over the past 24 hours as a sign that more good things are to come. After all, its value has at least stabilized in recent months – at least in terms of falling in value to today’s value.

But if you dig a little deeper into the numbers, it’s easy to see that MBS’s rise will likely be short-lived. The price hike comes right at the start of the World Cup, as MonkeyLeague’s main product is a P2E soccer game. But the tournament only lasts a month and interest will quickly wane after that time.

Calvaria (RIA), on the other hand, is not tied to a short-lived event like the World Cup. It has already built a large following and is set for long-lasting value through its $RIA token, which players will use with all their earnings in-game. Because of this, Calvaria is the gaming crypto of the future.

Calvaria is currently in the pre-sale phase, so act now to secure the best price. Once the pre-sale is over, the value will likely increase even further.


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