Miami Heat relies on Grant Williams to solve power forward problem

Recent NBA rumors have linked the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics to a potential trade situation. Since Grant Williams was the asset in question, Heat insider Greg Sylvander suggested the potential trade.

The Heat picked up a narrow OT win over the Celtics. The Heat pulled off a much-needed win with a 120-116 win that saw Miami star Jimmy Butler put Boston to rest.

Despite being title contenders for the past few seasons, Miami haven’t had the most comfortable start to their 2022-23 season. With an 11-12 record, the Heat could certainly work to get better.

Miami has already been the main team in many trade rumors this season. With a primary need for a solid experienced power forward, the Heat have also been associated with teams like the Phoenix Suns.

With players like Jae Crowder and Kyle Kuzma on their radar, Miami are clearly trying to fill the hole in the power forward position. With PJ Tucker heading to Philadelphia, the Heat were forced to play Caleb Martin on the 4th.

While Martin has done a solid job so far, the Miami Heat need a more competent power forward. They have great young talent in Nikola Jovic but the youngster is far from reliable.

In that regard, Heat insider Greg Sylvander recently mentioned the name of a veteran that Miami could target in a trade situation. He spoke about this briefly on the postgame show Five On The Floor.

Sylvander first spoke about the current situation in Miami. With a string of big games, the Miami Heat is in a solid position to pick up a few wins as many of their opponents find themselves on a downward spiral.

In this regard, Sylvander suggested an interesting trading target. He said:

(from 1:46-2:05)

“There are some games in December that they can get. You could suddenly end the new year in the sixth seed or so. Then you start looking around the league trying to find the right piece. Someone who would fits perfectly.

“And I have to say I was watching tonight, don’t you guys feel that Grant Williams would fit in really well on this team?”

In case you missed last night @5OTF_ After the game show, there’s a name on Heat’s trading radar. Stay till the end:

Sylvander was interrupted before he could make any further contributions to the matter. However, the term itself offers an interesting trading scenario. With Williams also fitting the picture of Miami’s playing style, the Heat could realistically make a push to take on the Celtics’ forward.

With optimism of ending the calendar year as a top-six team in the league, the Miami Heat could then begin to strengthen their roster for the playoffs.

The Miami Heat doesn’t need to go after Grant Williams

The idea of ​​the Miami Heat chasing Grant Williams offers an interesting scenario. However, it does very little to really solve Miami’s problems.

Williams has established himself as a solid 3&D player for the Boston Celtics. As an integral part of the squad, he has done a great job and contributed to the team’s efforts.

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Grant Williams shot a career-best 45.8% from three-pointers. However, he’s only attempting 3.8 shots per game, so that stat is also slightly misleading. Additionally, he has also fallen short on the defensive side of the ball as his rating has dropped.

Certain rumors suggest that some teams are also interested in pursuing the young Boston forward. While the forward fits Miami’s identity as a team, he may not bring as much to the table as the team needs.

In that regard, the team’s hunt for Jae Crowder could remain a more fruitful endeavor.

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