Miami Heat has 2 intriguing watch targets on its radar?

NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Keeping Eyes on Two Intriguing Guards Who Could Be Targeted at NBA Trade Deadline?

8-11, 12th in the Eastern Conference standings, one has to imagine that the next few weeks will be crucial for the future of the Miami Heat. Unless they manage to turn their season around, this team is unlikely to stand still on the NBA trade deadline. Or it is unlikely that they will not try to move within the deadline.

While the Heat is likely to be linked to many players over the course of the next few weeks, a recent report has linked Miami to two intriguing potential guard targets at deadline – Terry Rozier and Josh Richardson.

The Charlotte Hornets and San Antonio Spurs are two teams likely to be sellers by deadline, and both Rozier and Richardson could be hot commodities. But do they make sense of the heat?

Would the Miami Heat trade for a guard at the close?

Although the Heat should be open to as many talents as they can add to the team, regardless of fit, something has gone wrong with the NBA trade deadline for the Heat to acquire a guard.

Either the Heat have traded one of their guards or something worse has happened regarding an injury (which the Heat has been struggling with lately).

Looking at their roster, the Heat has a backcourt rotation (when everyone is healthy) of Kyle Lowry, Gabe Vincent, Tyler Herro and Max Strus. Duncan Robinson is occasionally the fifth option in the rotation and also Victor Oladipo whenever he comes back. The belief is that he will be back sometime this season.

The Heat adding another guard wouldn’t make sense even if they move Robinson. That leads me to believe that this move might not just be about Robinson. In fact, if they attempted to bring back a rotary player, the Heat would be looking for something bigger.

And there’s really only one Guardian they could move where it all makes sense — Kyle Lowry.

Miami will not trade Herro in the season. You cannot trade Strus. He has become too valuable for the team. Vincent could be postponed but you have to imagine Miami would be happy to keep him as he could be a valuable player for them as they develop.

It must be Lowry. When Miami is eyeing the likes of Rozier and Richardson, it means they’re also keeping their options open to trade Lowry.

The Heat has some interesting choices ahead of them. They have underperformed this season but have a roster full of veterans. Something must give. Will they be full sellers by the close of trading?

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