Marvel Zombies comes to life in a tabletop game at WonderCon – Orange County Register

Louis Barna learns how to play Marvel Zombies at the CMON booth during WomnderCon in Anaheim, CA on Friday March 24, 2023. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Amidst the hustle and bustle of throngs of cosplayers and comic book fans who flock to the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, March 24, the first day of WonderCon to snag exclusive merchandise, get front-row seats at panel discussions, books and Getting artworks signed by their favorite artists, there was a bit of calm as small groups frequented the CMON booth at the heart of the action to play tabletop games.

With all the colorful costumes and the sights and sounds of a busy convention surrounding them, WonderCon attendees were able to hunker down and play the new Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game.

“We love it,” said Geoff Skinner, CMON’s senior vice president of US operations, as he stood in the large booth and the guests played games around him. “We were able to return to WonderCon last year for the first time since the pandemic. We had the Marvel United game that had just come out and until then we hadn’t interacted with people directly and by far the most rewarding thing was seeing a 10 year old play it for the first time. It was fun watching them take the time to learn something and these games have a lot of strategy and they also get to pretend to be their favorite characters. Watching people come, sit down, play and try it and later say it was one of their favorite things at the convention; that’s one of my favorite things about these weekends.”

Marvel Zombies is the company’s newest game and is based on the 2005-2006 five-issue limited series of graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman, creator of the graphic novel series The Walking Dead, along with illustrations by Sean Phillips and Covers were written by Arthur Suydam.

CMON, which has released dozens of these types of games, used a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $500,000 to develop the new tabletop game. They were stunned when they received over $9 million in pledges in just 16 days from more than 28,500 backers earlier this year. The basic version of the game is available now from most retailers for around $34.99, however, enhanced and deluxe packs available to Kickstarter campaign participants started at $130 but included additional pawns , which were sculpted and put into molds by hand rather than being 3-D printed, and limited edition figurines. These more exclusive sets will ship shortly and are expected to be fully distributed to all Kickstarter backers by June.


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