Marvel hires local game developer Firaxis to develop a new tactical strategy game

SPARKS GLENCOE, Md. – Marvel Studios has released a new game that gives players the opportunity to create their own characters and interact with some of Marvel’s most iconic action heroes. This game was made right here in Maryland.

Firaxis Games in Sparks Glecone was approached by Marvel asking them to create a new tactical strategy game. The local company jumped at the opportunity to add their voice to the Marvel Universe.

“Someone said you want to work for a games company? Who wouldn’t?” said Steve Martin, studio head at Firaxis Games.

Walking around Firaxis Games up in Glencoe, one thing strikes you: everyone right up to the head of the studio is a kid at heart!

“It was just a progression, enjoying it from board games and then growing up…or never growing up.”

“I really like the collaboration,” said Joe WeinHoffer, lead designer for Marvel Midnight Suns.

And Weinhoffer takes that heart and creates magic.

“We bring so many different disciplines together to create something really unique and special,” said Weinhoffer.

“One of the things that people involved in games at Marvel enjoyed was a game that we made, which was Excom.”

So Marvel approached the Maryland-based company with a challenge.

“They came to see us. And said, you know, we want you to create a tactical strategy game set in the Marvel Universe and use our characters,” Weinhoffer said.

“They basically asked us what story we want to tell. And they left it to us to go through all the past comics and stories and see what inspired us and what would be awesome. And so we decided the rise of the midnight sun,” said Weinhoffer.

“A couple of things came out very, very early on that we knew we really wanted for the player to be able to create their own Marvel hero and basically be their own character in the game. So we developed and designed a new character called The Hunter,” said Weinhoffer. “And then you get to fight and live alongside all these other famous Marvel superheroes.”

“If you sit down and you as a hunter can have a conversation with Tony Stark or Peter Parker,” Weinhoffer said. “That’s up to the player to determine how he’s going to react.”

“It’s a story that players aren’t familiar with, they know the movies, the Marvel cinematic universe, or more from the modern day TV shows,” Weinhoffer said. “It’s something new and different that they’ve never seen before.”

Firaxis hopes to capitalize on its partnership with one of the largest franchises in the world by creating a game that anyone with a heart for a Marvel superhero will enjoy playing.

“We are really great developers of strategy games. Having this partnership with Marvel is great because it was a way for us to hopefully reach a larger audience,” said Martin.

And just one last thing, for all you gamers out there who love Easter Eggs… maybe there’s something to watch out for.

“So Hulk is the last character to be unlucky in the game, and there’s a very, very, um, subtle Easter egg with one of his abilities that I’m excited to see if any fans will pick up on,” Weinhoffer said.

The company is best known for Civilization and EXCOM, both gamer favorites.

Marvel Midnight Suns released on December 2 and has been a huge hit so far, according to the president.


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