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Dickinson and Iron Counties recorded the same amount of COVID-19 activity last week, each with 22 new confirmed positives, although Dickinson County again linked another death to the virus, local health officials reported Thursday.

Dickinson County has had 18 probable virus cases and Iron County has had two probable cases since June 16, according to numbers released Thursday on the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department’s Facebook page.

DIDHD reclassified 40 people in Dickinson County and 13 in Iron County as recovered from the virus.

DIDHD had Dickinson County as of Thursday, with 5,243 confirmed positive and 2,528 probable cases to date, with 7,480 recoveries, 114 deaths and 177 cases still active. For Iron County so far, the agency has had 2,452 confirmed cases and 356 probable, with 2,623 recoveries, 87 deaths and 98 active cases.

At the state level, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ coronavirus website Tuesday added 244 confirmed positives to the Upper Peninsula’s tally since June 15: 39 in Houghton County; 35 in Marquette County; 29 in Delta County; 24 in Gogebic County; 23 in Iron County; 20 in Menominee County; 18 in Dickinson County; 15 in Chippewa County; 13 in Mackinac County; seven in Ontonagon County; five in Schoolcraft, Luce, and Baraga counties; four in Keweenaw County; and two in Alger County.

The state listed two virus-related deaths in Dickinson County and one in Houghton County over the six-day period.

Using only the MDHHS numbers, the upper peninsula had 54,596 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 857 deaths as of Tuesday.

Across the UP, the MDHHS data site Tuesday in Keweenaw County had 498 confirmed cases and 58 probable deaths, and 12 confirmed and 1 probable death; Luce County, 683 confirmed cases and 834 probable deaths, 12 confirmed deaths and 1 probable death; Ontonagon County, 946 confirmed, 110 probable and 37 deaths, three probable; Schoolcraft County, 1,107 confirmed cases and 752 probable, 13 deaths and three probable; Alger County, 1,108 confirmed, 697 probable and eight deaths, six probable; Mackinac County, 1,735 confirmed cases and 908 probable, 28 deaths and three probable; Baraga County, 1,813 confirmed cases, 344 probable and 52 deaths, two probable; Iron County, 2,441 confirmed cases and 349 probable, 71 deaths and 17 probable; Gogebic County, 2,899 confirmed cases and 546 probable, 40 deaths and 29 probable; Chippewa County, 3,714 confirmed cases and 5,367 probable and 86 deaths, 17 probable; Menominee County, 4,125 confirmed cases, 1,755 probable and 61 deaths, 10 probable; Dickinson County, 5,219 confirmed cases and 2,521 probable, 91 deaths and 22 probable; Houghton County, 7,129 confirmed cases, 1,150 probable, 87 deaths and 11 probable; Delta County, 8,191 confirmed cases and 2,280 probable, 134 deaths and 24 probable; and Marquette County, 12,988 confirmed cases, 3,336 probable and 125 deaths, 11 probable. State figures may lag behind local reports or have other discrepancies.

MDHHS Tuesday in Michigan had 10,681 new confirmed and probable coronavirus positives since June 15, or an average of about 1,780 cases per day for the six-day period, for a total of 2,592,078 cases since COVID tracking began. The state added 69 confirmed and probable deaths attributed to the virus for that period to reach 36,744.

The state updates COVID-19 data once a week. This week has been changed from Wednesdays to Tuesdays.

For the five Wisconsin counties in the region, the Wisconsin Department of Health as of Thursday put Marinette County at 12,176 COVID-19 positives, up 53 from June 16, and 130 deaths, up by one; Vilas County, 5,534 positives, plus 67 and 90 deaths; Forest County, 2,818 positives, plus 21 and 52 deaths; Iron County, 1,534 positives, plus 17 and 48 deaths; and Florence County, 1,122 positives, plus two and 17 deaths.

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