Living with the It trend color: Yellow of Generation Z

An emerging color coordinated with emerging gadgets. Let’s take a look at all the gadgets and devices that can be found in Gen Z yellow.

We all know the color yellow, but what is Gen Z yellow? A trendy shade that represents youth – bright and bold, we have the yellow of Generation Z. Yellow has always been a color that’s there but hasn’t yet reached its prime. Now back with a new hue trying to be the IT color of 2023, here are some popular gadgets you can find in Gen Z yellow.

Yellow Generation Z Gadgets and Home Appliances

Photo credit: Apple

iPhone 14

Starring among the yellow gadgets is the new iPhone 14. Every new iPhone drop has a signature color, and for the latest iPhone 14 release this spring, Apple goes the color of bananas, bringing Gen Z yellow into the spotlight. The yellow version of the new iPhone is only available in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. Will we see more new yellow Apple products in the near future?

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Photo credit: Harvey Norman

JVC HA-S30BT Foldable wireless on-ear headphones

When we talk about trending gadgets, headphones are definitely at the top of the list. Serving both functionality and aesthetics, these little speakers have become some of the most popular gadgets (and accessories) that fashionistas use to spice up their outfits. The feature ranges from immersing yourself in the world of music to simply putting it on so no one talks to you (we all need a break sometimes). If you’re a fan of the yellow Gen Z, get a pair of headphones here.

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Photo credit: Kodak

Kodak PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera (Yellow)

The must-have that takes on a variety of tasks – from taking photos to accessories on photos. Digital cameras are making a comeback with Gen Z’s love for all things vintage. While the feature of capturing precious moments is well known, some seem to have gotten bored with the new crystal clear photos and are now looking to older gadgets for the grainy, real (non-Photoshopped) photo texture to spice up their Instagram posts. It also works as a great prop!

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Philips On by Sonicare cordless toothbrush

We all brush our teeth every day, but are you doing it right? Designed for lazy mornings, an electric toothbrush goes a long way in keeping your teeth sparkling clean, even when you’re brushing while you’re half asleep. This hassle-free toothbrush from Philips has a sleek design that’s easy to carry, even when travelling. best part? A battery can last 90 days, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to charge it.

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Photo credit: Samsung

Samsung convection microwave with HotBlast, 35L

Save time and eat healthier with this multifunctional Samsung microwave oven. HotBlast technology significantly reduces your cooking time and guarantees evenly cooked food, making your food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The air frying function also helps save post-meal hassle by reducing greasy pans and splattering while cooking. The ceramic inside makes it easy to clean without leaving scratches on your oven and prevents the spread of bacteria. Not to mention, the bright yellow exterior gives your kitchen a more fun and youthful vibe. Especially for those who are clumsy at cooking (no, we don’t judge)it is an investment worth considering.

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Credit: De’Longhi

De’Longhi Icona Capitals Yellow 4 Slice Toaster

Give your kitchen a fresh splash of color with a brightly colored toaster. Giving your space a new look doesn’t necessarily mean you need a major makeover, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Imagine fresh toast popping out of a cute bright yellow toaster, an oddly therapeutic moment to help get your day started.

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Photo credit: Smeg

Smeg fridge

Smeg – every kitchen lover’s dream. Smeg also has this funky fridge that will add some personality and spice to your old kitchen. This fridge comes in a color that’s close to Gen Z yellow, but also exudes a retro ’50s vibeā€”just the kind of “vintage” vibe Gen Z approved. This light yellow machine excels not only in functionality but also in style, offering a minimalist design but a maximalist color scheme.

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Photo credit: Smeg

Smeg kettle

Not quite yellow, but close enough. With a clean, minimalist design that goes well with all kitchens, this gold colored kettle gets really hot very quickly and will take care of all your hot tea or coffee cravings any time of the day. This gold SMEG kettle has a shiny finish that looks like it’s going to shine when the sunlight shines into your kitchen in the morning. A true one-of-a-kind piece that has both aesthetics and functionality, you know your kitchen needs it.

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(Credit for hero and featured image: Apple)

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