Letters to the Editor: January 1st

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Re: the letter of December 3 “A modest proposal”.

After reading this letter several times, I came to the realization that this letter was not sick sarcasm or an unfunny joke, but that the author was deadly serious. Incredibly, she proposed a national day of recognition for the innocent murdered by gunfire, to show our gratitude and appreciation for taking a bullet so the rest of us can enjoy our Second Amendment rights to “defend ourselves.” to protect”. I think the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the murdered takes a back seat to the gun rights of others. But aren’t we good, appreciative people! Let us honor those whose lives were taken by deranged gun buffs so that we may continue our gun idolatry. A national day of recognition, the least we can do! This letter takes the Most Outrageous Opinion award to grace the pages of The Star and serves as a chilling glimpse into the mindset of gun worship.

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The GOP’s legal battle against the vote

Over the past decade, the GOP has increasingly turned away from the will of all people and embraced the interests of a very narrow-minded far-right group. Weak attorneys support their attempts to prevent most voters from voting because the polling stations are far away for most voters, they are heavily victimized by GOP poll watchers (as they were at the last election) and because the elections always take place on a Tuesday, a business day. Mail-in ballots are the best way to guarantee a democratic process, and if the GOP were really concerned about ballot secrecy, they should make the mail system more efficient (they don’t). GOP attorney Alexander Kolodin has deceptively worried about “vote buying and coercion” when the GOP has manipulatively strategized since the Trump years that any loss to the GOP is automatically the result of voter fraud. Is the GOP already so emasculated that it cannot take a loss? Speaking of argumentative hypocrisy!

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Democrats were thrilled when Kyrsten Sinema became a senator. Shortly thereafter, our bubble burst as she saw her vote for big pharma and tax cuts for the rich. Now Sinema says she is an independent. My feeling is that she has always known her stance, but if she had run as an independent she would not have won the election; she knew that much. Don’t expect her to run again in 2024 because she knows she will be defeated. There is another word to describe Sinema other than independent and it is sneaky.


Subject: The December 9th article “The End of ‘Harmless’ Recreational Drugs.”

Robin Abcarian, welcome to the bell curve of human intelligence! “Stupid is who does stupid things.” People will die from drugs laced with fentanyl. Disease and misfortune also kill. The problem is the controlled substances legislation. Should be called “Uncontrolled Substances Legislation”. Humans have always used stimulants and tranquilizers. If you want to control substances, legalize and mandate quality control. Minimize control to keep product costs competitive to minimize illegal products competing for market share. No perfect solutions, but stupid people will take themselves out of the gene pool. I have three grandchildren, but if you’re paying your dime, you’re taking your chances.

Where did the money come from?

Biden has donated $36 billion to save the Teamsters union’s financially troubled pension plan. Our Constitution says that the power of the purse rests with the legislature, so where does President Joe get that money? The star dutifully tells us it’s from the American Rescue Plan, the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package Biden signed into law less than two months after taking office. Tucson was granted $136 million from the same slush fund and is using it to contain the virus outbreak by spending on parks, arts and culture.

Apparently only we in the political minority are outraged at this corrupt misuse of our precious taxpayer dollars and if you believe this is good governance you must be a Democrat.

Desperation or contempt on Prop 211

Proposition 211 — The Campaign Finance Sources Disclosure Initiative — passed Arizona voters nearly three to one. The Center for Arizona Policy and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, represented by the Goldwater Institute, have filed a lawsuit seeking to void Proposition 211. Each of these organizations declares itself, either in its name or in its organization’s mission statements, as a champion of “liberty and liberty.” , but they are trying to overthrow the will of the people. Ask yourself, is her lawsuit an act of desperation trying to maintain her hold on dark money, or an act of contempt for Arizona voters?

AZ requires local control

Subject: December 18 article “Pet shops collect complaints, legal action.”

Arizona has a problem with puppy mills, and “Tucson pet stores are circumventing consumer protection laws…” shows it’s time to do something about it. Pet store puppies are cute. Some may say they are addictive. Ignorant consumers, overwhelmed by maternal instincts and endorphins, will pick them up, pay exorbitant prices, and trust the store’s misleading promises. But shortly after the purchase, when the puppies become ill, anxious or aggressive, the new puppy parents see their fate without rose-tinted glasses.

Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, and public records prove it. While Arizona’s Puppy Lemons Act aims to stop puppy mill sales (while still allowing pet stores to sell puppies), our tax dollars are being used to force businesses that knowingly break the law to comply. It’s time for our state legislature to repeal the Pet Shop Purchase Act and give our communities a say in which businesses are allowed to operate in our cities.

Water Crisis in Arizona

One of the greatest challenges facing our state and federal leaders is conserving and equitably distributing our diminishing water supply.

Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego (7th congressional district) recently introduced HR 9194, known as the Domestic Water Protection Act of 2022.

This bill imposes an excise tax on water-intensive crops grown for export in arid regions. Arizona leases vast tracts of land to Fondomonte, a Saudi Arabian dairy company. Fondomonte grows water-hungry alfalfa on discounted land with cheap water. The State Land Department estimates that the amount of water consumed by this company would be enough to power 54,000 homes valued at $3.9 million. The harvested alfalfa is shipped 8,000 miles to Saudi Arabia to feed their dairy cows.

That should not have happened.

Why Trump’s tax returns are now releasing

One reason to release Trump’s tax returns to the public — he’s already a declared candidate for the presidency in 2024. As such, the public is entitled to as much information as possible.

Also, is there anyone who genuinely believes that they will voluntarily file their tax returns now or in the future? We all know the answer to this question.

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Re: December 11 article “‘Containerland’ is for political purposes only.”

A thought while reading Tim Steller’s excellent article on Ducey’s container wall. Whether Ducey’s wall is a political stunt paid for by Arizona taxpayers or if he actually thinks it will affect drug use in our country, the most ironic thing is the stuff he built it out of: shipping containers. Last year, America’s largest ports handled a record 50.5 million shipping containers. Each about the size of a semi-trailer. Only 3-5% of these are selected for a customs inspection. That’s 48 million unchecked semitrailer-sized boxes imported into the United States each year. About 90 a minute, 24/7, 365 days a year, but Ducey squanders $95 million that could go to starving schools to stop a handful of people with backpacks. This is bad political theater at our expense, and if you’re expecting anything less when he runs for national office, you’ll be disappointed.


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