Latest DBs 2023, latest expert forecasts

Michigan Football is still working to land its first engagement in high school. Here’s the latest on that, plus some expert predictions for 2025.

At some point in the 2023 class of recruits, Michigan football has some commitments to make in high school.

Right now, the Wolverines have zero safety commitments and zero at cornerback. When it comes to safety, this won’t be as much of an issue as the Wolverines have signed Zeke Berry, Keon Sabb and Damani Dent in the 2022 class.

All three players are expected to play early in their careers, or at least have the potential, and Dent is probably the most underrated player in the class, or one of them.

A top target at the cornerback is four-star Jordan Matthews, who paid an official visit over the summer. Ranked 126th overall on the On3 consensus rankings, he posted a top 3 this week including Texas, Michigan Football and Tennessee.

However, the Louisana prospect has a 95 percent chance of tying to Texas via the On3 prediction engine and it seems like none but the Horns have momentum.

Another top target in the 2023 class is top 100 athlete Jacobe Johnson. Johnson is from Mustang, Oklahoma, and yet Michigan has put on a solid run at the 6-foot-3, 183-pounder.

But the Sooners all have crystal ball projections and after a top-five release that included Michigan, Johnson appears headed to OU. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Wolverines came second in each of these recruitments, but close only counts in horseshoes.

Makari Vickers has also been projected to Oklahoma and Alabama is right there if it isn’t the Sooners. Good news is that four-star cornerback Chris Peal, another Providence Day prospect, is expected to make an official visit this fall.

Peal has only paid one official visit to Georgia this summer, but the Bulldogs may not have room for him, and following his trip to recruit BBQ, Michigan seems to be trending.

This is a key recruitment to watch. The Wolverines are also still pushing for four-star cornerback Aaron Gates, who was signed to Florida but has visited UM twice this summer.

A new expert projection

Michigan football has been gaining momentum down the recruiting path in 2023, and the most recent addition was four-star offensive tackle Evan Link.

Link attended the BBQ and Michigan Football had a commitment a day later, and while no other recruits have done so, the Wolverines made a notable difference on some recruits.

One of them is in the class of 2025 and that is defender Bobby Kanka.

Kanka is 6-foot-4, 255 pounds and hails from Howell, Michigan. He is a 2025 recruit and not yet ranked. Michigan State hasn’t offered him, but has invited him to visit, so the Wolverines are out here before this one, and since the offer in March, Kanka has visited campus three times.

Class 2025 is still a long way off, but if the Wolverines have a good sense that Kanka will be making a commitment anytime soon, it would appear to bode well for the start of Class 2025.

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