Lakers: When the NBA suspended Patrick Beverley

Lakers Update: Even Patrick Beverley sort of anticipated this when the NBA suspended him.
In a statement, the NBA said starting point guard Patrick Beverley will miss three games for the Los Angeles Lakers.

As a result, Pat Bev will not play the Spurs on Friday and Saturday and the Indiana Pacers next week.

Beverley himself admitted after the game that he regretted the incident and predicted he would receive some form of punishment for his blatant cheap shot foul on Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton.

After the fact, the 6’1″ veteran guard said he was angry with the Phoenix big man for standing over Lakers guard Austin Reaves. Reaves had been knocked to the ground by All-Star Suns shooting guard Devin Booker when the both battling for a rebound late in the Lakers’ later 115-105 loss.

Beverly rammed him hard while Ayton stood over Reaves and pinned the big man to the ground. Suns and Lakers players suddenly found themselves on the verge of a fight. Beverley was kicked out by the umpires, Ayton got a technical and Booker got a foul call.

In its press release, the league said Beverley’s previous actions over the years had been a factor in their decision to grant her a suspension rather than just a fine. He actually used the same behind-the-back shove play against Chris Paul in the 2021 Western Conference Finals while he was still with the LA Clippers. However, this time it was against the suns.

I’m not the first to suggest this, but an LA club who would likely benefit from fewer Patrick Beverly minutes could use this opportunity to their advantage. At the start of the season, you had really high hopes for the three-time All-Defensive Team player, whom the Lakers are believed to have taken on as a replacement for Russell Westbrook in the Los Angeles roster during the offseason.

While Westbrook has thrived since his transfer to the bench, Beverley’s production has fallen sharply, despite effectively replacing Russ as the team’s launch leader. Beverley’s most memorable action on the basketball court that year was that shove.

He plays a career-worst 27.4 minutes per night and has a career-worst 4.1 points per game on a 26.6% field goal percentage. One has to wonder what role he should play in the team’s rotation that Beverley should play now given his lack of offensive firepower.

Pat Bev certainly isn’t getting much love from Lakers fans this year either.
Since Beverley is unavailable, one is considering whether lead coach Darvin Ham Reaves or Dennis Schröder will pick as point monitor.

Reaves had recently taken over from LeBron James at shooting guard, and Lonnie Walker, who previously started at shooting guard, was promoted to small forward. James may come back tomorrow, but maybe Reaves doesn’t need to be demoted now.

Schroeder is a proud veteran and may be hoping for the nod despite being completely unpredictable in his three games in the line-up following pre-season UCL surgery. Reaves seems to be the more fascinating and consistent two-way player than Schroeder at this point in their respective careers. However, Schröder is the more interesting and consistent player.

Bobby Imprints reports that Beverley will lose $89,655 per challenge for passing those next three games, totaling $268,966.

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