Keegan Murray Top 5 College Games

Confident, elite and balanced are just a few words to describe Keegan Murray’s final season in Iowa. If we break down his top five games, you’ll find that the king’s first-round draft pick is undeniably efficient.

Ahead of the “Murray Miracle” during the 2022 NBA Summer League, Murray surprised the college basketball world in his sophomore breakthrough.

Murray’s on-court productivity was the main reason his draft stock exploded. During his time with the Hawkeyes, he averaged 23.5 points per game while shooting 39.8% from deep.

As the anticipation for opening night builds, let’s look back at Murray’s top 5 games during his collegiate career, starting with his monstrous game against the North Carolina Central Eagles.

Keegan vs. North Carolina Central 11/16/21

27 points and 21 rebounds. come on man

Playing like a man among boys, Murray became the first Hawkeye to hit at least 20 rebounds in a game since Greg Brunner had 23 against Minnesota in 2006.

In his dominant performance, Murray showcased his dribbling and playmaking skills on the open court. Already in his third game of the season, Murray had caught the world’s attention.

Building on the non-conference game, he would give seizures to everyone in the Big Ten, starting with Minnesota.

Keegan vs. Minnesota 6/2/22

In the game against Minnesota, Keegan continued to do Keegan stuff. Murray dropped 24 points while catching 15 rebounds for his sixth double-double of the season.

Murray became a trend in the Big Ten and was the most efficient player in college. Defenders struggled to protect Murray when he was in attack mode. At the perimeter he can go downhill with his fake shot and hit you around the rim. No matter how you defend Murray, he will find ways to score.

Keegan vs. Maryland 10/2/22

The Maryland Terrapins can confirm this as Murray lit the Terrapins with 30 points and shot 12 of 14 from the field. Maryland had no answers for the Hawkeyes’ star player.

Murray hit floaters, stepbacks, and lobs at the Terrapins throughout the game. Heading into the final stages of his breakout year as a sophomore, his production took huge leaps and bounds, improving his 3-point percentage from 25% in December to 44% in February.

Keegan vs. Nebraska 13/2/22

Murray’s ability to score from anywhere on the floor kept the Hawkeyes’ cylinders firing all season. The team finished fourth in the conference in points per game and capped turnovers. As impressive as Murray is on offense, he can also get the job done defensively.

In the 2021-22 season, Murray recorded the seventh-best defensive rating in the Big Ten (96.8), third-best block percentage (6.4), and 13th-best steal percentage (2.3), according to Hawk Central. With a wingspan of 6ft 11, the kings should assume Murray is a solid defender.

Keegan vs. Northwestern 2:23:22

Keegan Murray has a knack for the game when it comes to getting into his spots, making high percentage shots and defending ability. Murray has the potential to be not just a starter but a prominent two-way player for the Kings.

Watch Keegan Murray and the Kings on Opening Night against the Portland Trail Blazers on October 19 beginning at 7:00 p.m. PT.

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