K4 500, C2 500 and K2 200. Two gold and one silver

Saul Craviotto, Mark Cooper, Carlos Arevalo You Rodrigo GermedThe runner-up Olympic champion won a gold medal at the Sprint Canoe World Championships in Halifax (Canada). display of authority ahead of Germany and Ukraine.

Spain won the Olympic champion’s pulse GermanyAt a distance that will be seen in Paris 2024. Craviotto, with the power of Cooper, Arevalo and Germad, dominated the test since he passed the 200 and with a finish unattainable for his rivals that ended him on a note. 1:20.83.

Germany with a quartet consisting of Max Randschmidt, Tom Liebscher, Jakob Schoff and Max Lemke gave and finally handed. 43 hundredths of a secondUkraine finished third and defended the title in 55th place.

The Spaniards missed the mark that saw them through to the finals in third, almost a second in the qualifying series behind teams from Germany and Slovakia.

Taino García and Pablo Martinez, gold; Portella and Ouzande, silver

tano garcia You Paul Martinez has won C2 500 . sleep in A successful Saturday for Spanish canoeing after winning first place in the K4 500 at the Sprint Canoeing World Championships in Halifax (Canada), which was extended Teresa Portella and Sarah Ouzande In the K2 200 speed test.

Good feelings from Taino García and Pablo Martínez, right moment In three rating series they were confirmed in the Grand Final where they were declared by world champion for the first timeThe Sevillian pair came from ninth place in the last World Cup and showed strength with a score of 1:46.32, 48th ahead of Poland’s Viktor Glazunov and Tomasz Barniak and 58th ahead of China’s Cao Liu and Bowen Ji.

“We had a problem last month and we are able to overcome them to become world champion. We thought about giving only the maximum. We train for this success. We appreciate everyone’s support to become number one in the world,” declared the world champion once he had completed his test.

Spanish delegation set the medal record One more day of competition remains at the last World Cup, with the third success on Saturday in the K2 200 Speedtest starring Teresa Portella and Sarah Ouzande.

They were in the 20th hundredths of gold and even reversed the finish to take the silver medal by just a 3-hundredths advantage (38.96) over Canada’s Andreen Langlois and Toshka Harebeka. Gold went to Hungary: Blanca Kiss and Anna Luquez won with a time of 38.76.

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