Jackbox Party Pack 10 becomes a huge fan favorite as the first game

Jackbox Games’ tenth release is upon us, and today – during the Penny Arcade panel at PAX East – the team announced the addition of a highly anticipated fan favorite The Jackbox Party Pack 10 this fall: a long-awaited one Tee KO Consequence.

After the initial jack box 10 Revealed in February – when the company teased the return of a wildly popular title that had “been in high demand since it was first released” – we now know Tee KO 2 is the first of five games coming later in 2023, signaling the comeback of a competitive fashion frenzy that first appeared in 2016 as part of Jackbox Party Pack 3.

At the PAX East discussion at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, where Penny Arcade co-creator and writer Jerry Holkins, alongside cartoonist, writer and performer Kris Straub, producer and host Anna Prosser, actor Ben Prendergast and executive Gearbox Entertainment writer was present Sam Winkler, Tee KO 2 was unveiled with a brand new trailer, finally coming to a close after days of vague screenshots on social media.

In Jackbox tradition – proven again in 2022 with the superlative Jackbox party pack 9Tee KO offers new features including fresh drawing tools to create your “perfect attire warrior”. You are free to choose a different font or even swap out your t-shirt for a completely different piece of clothing, such as a t-shirt. B. a hoodie. It even promises the ability to tweak existing designs to feature again in the second round.

In addition, once the garments enter the battle zone, players and audience can vote again to determine the winner of each battle, but a new new final round will also determine the “Grandmaster of Tee Shirt Island”.

It’s no surprise to see Tee KO Returning, given the team’s love for the original. In an exclusive interview with me last year, Brooke Hofer, Jackbox’s vice president of marketing, shared an incredible story about how Tee KO was the focus of a heartwarming farewell to a beloved family member. The late fan, who loved one of the shirts he designed so much he got his own version and wore it regularly, inspired his family to reach out to Jackbox Games after his death.

“His family reached out to us to see if there was a way we could dig up their games gallery and have some shirts printed for his memorial,” Hofer explained last September. “We were able to do it. and I thought it was so special that they wanted to keep alive this memory of a time when they all laughed together. Ultimately, our games are catalysts for fond memories. That’s why it’s one of my favorite titles.”

From which follows jack box 10? As a confessed jack box Fanatics I’ll keep you posted but if I fall down a well and lose internet connection you can get updates straight from the horse’s mouth via the Facebook and the company Twitter Accounts in spring and summer.

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