It’s a great day of food, family and football

Dean of Leavenworth, IN

Thank you Packer and thank you Insider.

Margeaux of Tallahassee, FL

I don’t know if you work Thanksgiving Wes, but if you do, good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! The same goes for everyone who makes Insider Inbox a must-do every day.

We are here, Margeaux, and so are you and yours. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I can’t wait to work a little and eat a lot.

Given that this is a time to be grateful, I’m grateful for several things when it comes to our Green Bay Packers. Aaron Jones continues to exemplify what it means to be a packer with the way he works on and off the field. It makes me proud to cheer on the pack. I am grateful for Christian Watson and the bright future that is in store for him. I’m grateful to have seen these final chapters of Aaron Rodgers as I know these players don’t come around often. What are you thankful for when it comes to the GBP?

expectations and commitment. The disappointment many of us have felt this season is directly related to the winning culture that has instilled in Green Bay my entire life. Like pressure, expectations are a luxury. There are so many fan bases that have been starved of winning for years or even decades. For that reason, I’m grateful for each and every one of you who makes Insider Inbox a part of your daily routine – win, lose, tie, or off-season.

Rob from Circle Pines, Minnesota

The offense hasn’t fared well in the last three games, except maybe against the Cowboys. In all three cases, there were multiple instances where the receivers caused a breakup and Aaron Rodgers missed the throw entirely (last third of the game). Could the late-game strain on Rodger’s thumb become severe enough to affect his shooting accuracy?

Interesting hypothesis. Statistically, I dug into the numbers on Wednesday and couldn’t tell much of a difference. In the six games since losing to the Giants, Rodgers has completed 54 of 84 first-half passes (64.3%) for 552 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions (89.0 passer rating). In the second half, Rodgers had 75 of 124 attempts (60.5%) for 833 passing yards with seven touchdowns and two INTs (92.6 passer rating). Completion percentage is down a few points, but nothing staggering. The one breakdown I found on Pro Football Reference that I think is the most telling is Rodgers’ stats when the passing game starts under center: 40 of 62 for 501 yards, seven TDs and one INT (120.4 passer rating) . The thumb obviously changed the course of the season, but Rodgers won’t use it as an excuse. I still wonder how much the Packers had to shift their offensive focus.

Wes, I hope this question hits you well and good for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m particularly grateful for II and the insights it brings in this challenging year of football. If I’m not mistaken, I think Mike is new WYMM revealed why the Packers lost instead of good things that happened in a loss for the first time. That seems quite a challenge to write in and of itself. As a Packers writer, what has been your biggest challenge this season? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Just make sense. This was one of the more confusing seasons I’ve covered to understand why the balls bounced the way they did. In 2013 and 2017 Rodgers was injured and the seasons were as they were. Rodgers also played with a broken leg in 2018, but the team just weren’t very good and I felt the final record reflected that accurately. I went into this season thinking the Packers had everything they needed to be in contention for a championship, but the last 11 games show how difficult it is to win consistently in this league. As I always say, it’s a game with momentum and the Packers haven’t had enough of it this season.

Too fast inside on that What you may have missed in the Titans game. The defender moved before the snap. It’s pretty quick, isn’t it?

Spoff’s WYMM confirmed what I thought when the game came out: Tennessee are doing what they do so well on both sides of the ball. The Titans’ defense takes some risks when it comes to how hard their linebackers rush, but there’s so much talent in the front seven that someone usually wins their matchup and makes the game.

George from North Mankato, Minnesota

Happy Thanksgiving, Wes. I wish you a lot of time with family and friends. I just wanted to point out that you were (unfortunately) spot on with your pre-game assessment of the toughest three-game stretch this year. It sure was a tough road trip.

It was. We knew from the start that the 2022 schedule was going to be difficult. What I didn’t take into account is how strong the teams would be on this schedule, specifically the NFC East and AFC East. Across 11 weeks, the Packers’ .589-strength schedule is the second-toughest in the NFL, behind only Detroit (.612). Well, that’s no excuse. You still have to beat the team in front of you, but it’s an arduous journey to face such a gauntlet without a bye. If this campaign has taught me anything, it’s that in today’s NFL, I’d rather have an early bye than a late one. I don’t dread a week 6 or 7 break as much as I once did the week 4 open date during the 16-game regular season. When the Packers return to Lambeau Field for Monday Night Football next month, they will already have traveled to almost twice as many games as they have played at their own stadium.

Wait, the Eagles have one player overall on their injury report this week? How is that even possible so late in the season? Also, an illness seems to be going through the dressing room and I hope it’s nothing serious.

The Eagles’ injury report surprised me. I know they have seven people on IR including Dallas Goedert and Derek Barnett but how is that even possible in week 12?

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