Is the animated superhero movie coming to theaters?

Summer 2022 had a great selection of animated comedy and family films and joining the list is DC League of Super Pets. This animated superhero movie, releasing this July, is based on characters from DC Comics, superhero pets to be precise.

The film is directed Jared Sternwho is also a co-author of the project John Whittington.

DC League of Super Pets follows Krypto, Superman’s pet Labrador, who must rescue his master and the rest of the Justice League when they are captured by Lex Luthor. Krypto teams up with a bunch of shelter animals and Batman’s dog Ace to save the team and live up to his reputation as a super pet.

While the plot and characters are quite engaging and will make this film entertaining, it is the voice cast of this animated family comedy that has become the highlight of this project. The cast of the all-star ensemble includes Dwayne Johnson as crypto and Kevin Hart as an ace, with John Krasinsky as Superman, Keanu Reeves as Batman, along with Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Jameela Jamil, Kate McKinnon, Olivia Wilde, Ben Blackamong many others.


This family animated adventure comedy received positive acclaim and rave reviews from critics and media alike.

Ahead of the theatrical premiere of this long-awaited animation, here’s a quick guide on how to watch it DC League of Super Petsand when and where you can see it.

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Is DC League of Super Pets Coming To Theaters?

DC League of Super Pets has experienced a release delay since 2019. A May 2021 release was initially planned, but has since been pushed back to May 2022 The Matrix Resurrections originally to be released at the same time. And now, the animated comedy will be released in theaters in the United States on July 29, 2022.

If you go to the cinema to watch the film, it is recommended that you continue to follow your city/state’s recommended health guidelines and safety measures regarding Covid-10 and take necessary precautions.

Will DC League of Super Pets stream online?

Apparently DC League of Super Pets will be in cinemas in July. Although Warner Bros. has released its 2021 film list to both streaming and theaters at the same time, that is not the case with their 2022 films, and that includes DC League of Super Pets. There is currently no official news on the animated film’s streaming schedule. But if you look at recent trends, it could be available on HBO Max a few months or 45 days after it premiered theatrically.

Check out this space for the latest update on the streaming schedule of DC League of Super Pets.

So if you want to see the movie right away, your best (and only) choice is to head to the local cinemas and watch the clever pets save the day.

When is the DC League of Super-Pets coming to digital and home video?

There is no update on the VOD or physical media release of the at the moment DC League of Super Pets. Normally, most movies have their DVD/Blu-ray releases in about three to four months after the premiere date. This film could also follow suit. The digital release could come even sooner and will likely kick off once the film hits HBO Max. So if you’re not comfortable going to the cinema just yet, you might have to wait a few months before you can watch DC League of Super Pets comfortably from home.

Warner Bros. released three trailers for DC League of Super Pets and every one of them is absolutely hysterical, which says this is going to be an entertaining movie. The clips are immediately reminiscent of the Krypto the super dog Cartoon from the early 2000s but the animation for this new movie is definitely much better with a more exciting plot and fun characters.

It’s packed with fun action sequences, great puns featuring Marvel characters and even DC’s live-action characters, and most importantly, the voice cast is their best funny self. Without revealing too much of the plot, the clips introduce Krypto, Ace, PB, Chip, the evil Lulu the guinea pig, and other anthropomorphic characters who make up the main characters of the story. They’re cool and clumsy, efficient and useless, all at the same time, but always funny and lovable. You’ll also see a squeezy Bruce toy that makes the animated Batman character funnier than ever.

In short, among the three clips, the trailers of this superhero animated comedy do a good job of keeping you hooked until you’ve watched the entire movie. Even if you’re not a DC fan, this film stands on its own with its unique story and character perspective and would make a perfect watch for the whole family.

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What is the DC League of Super Pets about?

DC League of Super Pets is essentially about the pets of the Justice League heroes, with a focus on Krypto, Superman’s pet Labrador. Krypto and Superman are practically inseparable, they even have similar superpowers considering Krypto also hails from Krypton. And then Superman is kidnapped by the super villain Lex Luthor and his pet pig Lulu. Trying to save him, Krypto loses his powers.

Krypto then teams up with a bunch of shelter animals who suddenly get superpowers. He befriends Ace, a dog who becomes super strong and invincible and later becomes Batman’s pet. The gang is joined by PB, a pot-bellied pig who can get gigantic; Merton, a speed-powered turtle that becomes super fast, and Chip, a red squirrel with electrokinetic abilities. Each of them eventually become pets of other Justice League members. Together this strange group forms their own little league and plans a rescue mission to save the superheroes from the villain and help their masters. They may not be “superheroes” but they have enough skills, confidence, and most importantly, unconditional love for their masters to do anything and save them from the enemies.

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