India’s Mohammed Ibrahim qualifies for the Sim Racing World Cup finals

India’s Mohammed Ibrahim secured his place in the finals of the first-ever Sim Racing World Cup by finishing second in the Asian Continental Qualifiers. Ibrahim finished the race impressively with a lap time of 1:33.575 behind Thailand’s Thanathip Tanalapanan, who took the lead after finishing the race in 1:33.561.

India’s other participating driver, Davlish Singh, on the other hand, secured sixth place with a lap time of 1:34.026 in the qualifiers, which saw 14 top drivers from across Asia competing for two available spots in the final. Both Ibrahim and Davlish had won the NESC22 (Simracing), the Indian National Qualifiers, held in a hybrid mode at the Megaplex of Esports Federation of India (ESFI) multiplex partner INOX in Malad, Mumbai.

“I have been fascinated by racing cars since I was a child, which has developed into a passion for motorsport. Qualifying for the SRWC Grand Finals is a surreal feeling. I’m happy to have taken the momentum in qualifying after winning NESC and hope to do the same in Monaco. It will be a challenging experience to go head-to-head with the best sim racing drivers from around the world,” said the jubilant Ibrahim, who has already won the Isolation E Championship, McLaren Logitech G Challenge, US F4 Kcr Championship and Ultimate E Championship has his name.”I will be working on a few small things to improve my gameplay and play at the highest level to make my country proud in the finals. Racing is my goal and my vision, I want to compete both in Sim and real motorsport and am always looking for opportunities and support.” said the jubilant Ibrahim, who already has titles of Isolation E Championship, McLaren Logitech G Challenge, US F4 Kcr Championship and Ultimate E Championship in his name,” he added.

Interestingly, Ibrahim’s finish was also the fifth fastest in the world. Aside from Tanalapanan, only David Toth of Hungary (1:33.197), Slovenia’s Jernej Simonic (1:33.329) and Spain’s Pedro Sanchez (1:33.336), who qualified from mainland Europe, clocked less time than Ibrahim. Drivers from 39 countries, spread across 5 continents, took part in the Continental Qualifiers. The finale takes place in Monaco from October 23rd to 24th when Ibrahim will fight for the title among 12 top drivers.

“Ibrahim has made the whole country proud by ensuring that India is one of the countries taking part in the inaugural Sim Racing World Cup Finals. Both Ibrahim and Davlish did extremely well against the top drivers from the Asia region, fueling the sim racing community and another step in the continued growth of esports in India. Everyone at ESFI wishes him the best of luck in winning the championship,” said Lokesh Suji, Director of the Esports Federation of India and Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation. The first-ever Sim Racing World Cup is organized by the International Esports Federation in cooperation with the Monaco Esports Federation The tournament features one of the world’s most popular sim racing titles, Assetto Corsa.(ANI)

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