‘I’m the only black guy…’: Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman, who has had more than 70 police visits to his home, laughed at his troubles with the ‘parties’ law

NBA legend Dennis Rodman is known as a party animal. He used to throw some crazy parties at his own house. In addition, he is also known to travel to Las Vegas and other places for lavish parties and wild celebrations. However, his parties at home kept getting him into trouble. In fact, cops have reportedly visited Rodman’s house on 70 separate occasions for his wild parties.

The Chicago Bulls legend used to throw some wild parties at his house and he invited a lot of people over there. And just like Rodman, the parties would be untenable. And this definitely drew the attention of law enforcement agencies.


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In the summer of 2000, Rodman was without an NBA contract. And he’s taking a break from basketball to focus on other things. He’s also thrown some wild parties at his house.

Dennis Rodman admits cops have visited his home more than 70 times

Rodman had a huge and lavish mansion in Newport, California. And he used to throw huge parties with loud music there. This did not go down well with the neighbors, who often called the police over excessive noise. And it became so common that authorities received over 70 calls during his stay there. However, the worm laughed at the incredible report and didn’t think it was a big deal.


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But Rodman confirmed the rumors during his appearance on the late night show with Jay Leno. Leno asked him how his summer went. He said things were going well but he was broke. Leno then asked how that was possible. In response, the seven-time NBA rebound champion said he’s been partying too much. He then asked if he had heard that the police had been at his home 70 times.


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The Bulls legend agreed. And when asked about the reason for the police visit, he replied:“I guess it’s just that I’m the only black guy in the neighborhood.”

Meanwhile, Jay Leno expressed his distrust of such a conclusion. But Dennis Rodman seemed to stick to his hypothesis. However, Leno offered the solution that the staggering number of police visits could be due to him partying into the wee hours.


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Afterwards, the veteran late-night show entertained audiences with startling images of Rodman partying with his friends.

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