HYPERVSN’s live 3D holographic stream with ISE’s Michael Blackman wows Talent Knowledge Congress

Live stream with Mike Blackman

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Nov. 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — London, United Kingdom – November 23, 2022 – Taking place in Barcelona, ​​Talent Knowledge Congress is the international forum for talent and knowledge management promoted by Impulsa Talentum Foundation is organized. The event brings together companies, administrations, universities, research centers and professionals of recognized prestige in the field. The cross-industry event aims to help organizations adapt and thrive in this changing and highly competitive environment.

Michael Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, was to be presented in person as the winner of the Talent Awards during the Talent Knowledge Congress, alongside other honored winners such as Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Ex-Director of UNESCO. Unfortunately, Mr. Blackman was already booked in advance to speak at another conference in Oman, over 7000km away, but thanks to HYPERVSN he was able to live stream 3D holographically to the Talent Knowledge Congress to accept his award instead. Previous solutions to this challenge are often pre-recorded versions where the recipient is unable to interact with the audience. However, thanks to full body live streaming from HYPERVSN, the presentation and reception of this special award was streamed entirely live and as a 3D hologram. As a result, Michael Blackman and the Talent Knowledge Conference team were able to interact fully live, as if Mr. Blackman were actually present at the conference in person.

Michael Blackman stated: “It was very disappointing for me not to be able to attend this year’s Talent and Knowledge Congress in Barcelona, ​​having previously committed to attend the UFI Conference in Oman. After the success of appearing as a 3D image at the entrance of this year’s ISE show, the ability to appear live with HYPERVSN’s full-body live streaming solution was not only novel, but highly innovative. The organizers of the talent and knowledge congress were more than satisfied with the result and thanks to the technology I was happy to be there, even if not personally.”

Bru Recolons, President of the Impulsa Talentum Foundation, confirmed: “Society demands that companies be treated with more humanity and that they work with purpose. That is why we have been working with companies since inception to adopt these values. By managing talent and knowledge, we make the world a better place. Thanks to technologies like HYPERVSN, we can now have personalities from all over the world at our events.”

Inessa Marmashova, CMO at HYPERVSN added, “Connecting people around the world is increasingly defined by technology, but the human touch matters more than ever. The HYPERVSN full-body live streaming solution has a wide range of possible applications in education, events and many other industries where human connection is vital, even over a distance of more than 7000 kilometers. Many thanks to Gordon Dutch from Re-Sauce, Michael Blackman from ISE and HYPERVSN partners Publigrama in Spain and DESSCo in Oman for bringing this solution to life at the Talent Knowledge Congress.”

To learn more about HYPERVSN, visit www.hypervsn.com, or better yet, come and see the solutions for yourself at CES 2023 (booth 15267) and ISE 2023 (hall 5, booth 5C100).

HYPERVSN Full Body Live Streaming is a complex solution that enables holographic video conferencing and live streaming of a full-size person. Although people around the world are becoming accustomed to seeing each other on screens on a daily basis, the image on the flat panel display lacks a much-needed “human touch”. This solution from HYPERVSN enables the perceived holographic visual effect of levitation in air and enhances it with additional special layers and visual effects.

About HYPERVSN: HYPERVSN is the award-winning UK company responsible for developing the groundbreaking 3D integrated holographic display platform that offers viewers an immersive experience.

Since its official release in 2017, HYPERVSN has been named as one of the top 10 technologies by Yahoo!, USA Today & Inc Magazine. Supported by Mark Cuban and Sir Richard Branson, it has been used by over 25% of Fortune 500 companies in over 90 countries.

The proprietary HYPERVSN hardware works in tandem with the software suite to provide customers with an integrated business solution. HYPERVSN holographic solutions are perfect for digital signage campaigns, holographic billboards, outdoor digital media, activation events, corporate reception areas and 3D point of sale displays. Learn more at www.hypervsn.com.

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