How to water a Christmas tree

For some people, like Ree Drummond, that only way to get a Christmas tree is to get one real Tree. “Part of the beauty of a Christmas tree is the amazing fragrance that fills your house,” says Ree, “the daily jumble of falling needles, the responsibility of watering it, the natural imperfections on this or that branch.”

A freshly felled tree is part of the Christmas experience. You can even take a trip to a Christmas tree farm to cut your own. But no matter where you get your tree from, if you want it to last more than a few weeks you need to give it some care. To keep your periwinkle’s fragrance and beauty alive, follow these tips for a healthy tree.

Firstly, do not place your tree near sunny windows, chimneys or heater vents as this will cause it to dry out. Second, if you don’t plan on decorating your tree right away, place it in a shady or cool area, such as a patio, for up to a few days. B. in the garage, in a bucket of water. Once you’re ready to display the tree, don’t forget to water it! Knowing how to water a Christmas tree is the most important step in keeping it fresh during the holiday season. With proper care, a real tree can stay fresh indoors for up to five weeks before you are ready to fell your tree.

How to water your Christmas tree in a few simple steps:

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Start with a healthy tree.

If you’re picking from a stand of trees, check for freshness before you buy: grab the needles and run your hand down the branch; You should have few or no needles left in your hand. The tree should also feel soft and pliable and not have a crunchy, puckered texture. Or you can tap the stem to the ground and watch for excessive needle drop.

Trim the trunk.

Cut about 1/2 inch from the trunk before inserting into the tree stand. Don’t cut it at an angle or drill a hole in the middle, which research shows doesn’t improve water absorption.

Choose a large booth.

Many stands are too small! The most important thing is to choose a large stand that not only accommodates the trunk size, but also provides enough water for your tree. A fresh tree drinks a lot of Water, especially the first few days indoors. Choose a stand that can deliver a quart of water for every inch of stem diameter.

Water it every day.

Check the water level daily; It will likely need water every day to keep the water level from dropping below the base of the trunk. Descend and inspect because some stalls may still contain water but the trunk is not submerged. When the tree is not standing in the water, the resin seals the base and cannot absorb any more water.

Avoid Christmas tree accessories.

You may have heard that you should add bleach/aspirin/vodka/commercial tree food to the water to keep it alive. nope! Trees in nature only drink water, and that’s all they need indoors. In fact, more than one study has shown that additives can do this to reduce tree life. The water temperature also plays no role and has no influence on the water absorption.

Use LED lighting.

If possible, choose LED lights that produce less drying heat for your tree. This is especially important if you like adding lots of lights! LEDs have improved in recent years, so they’re not as bright and blue-white as they used to be (look for warm-white light for a more traditional look).

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