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The new season will be available to stream for free on Paramount+ starting March 26th.

After one of the most shocking finales in recent TV history, the highly anticipated second season of Yellowjackets is finally here. The Emmy-nominated series premieres Friday, March 24 on Showtime, but is also available to stream for free on Paramount+ beginning Sunday, March 26.

The Showtime breakout hit — starring Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci, among others — follows a high school football team after a near-fatal plane crash left them abandoned in a remote wilderness location. The girls find themselves at the center of a Lord of the Flies-inspired survival horror tale during the 19 brutal months before their rescue.

While the first season focuses on their struggles to stay alive, the second season revolves around the team’s trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder following the horrific events of the first season, complete with grisly flashbacks to the wilderness. The new season, which also introduces new cast members Simone Kessell and Lauren Ambrose, begins with the younger Yellowjackets facing a frigid winter in the middle of the woods. In the present, viewers will watch as the adult characters come to terms with their past while their actions come back to surprise them.

“We recognized early on that keeping secrets and traumatizing people from the past is not in itself a driver of storytelling. We had to do something more,” said one of the series’ executive producers, Jonathan Lisco diversity at the series premiere. “We did a lot of research, as we always do, and we found that PTSD — what it really is, is that when something triggers you, the same neurotransmitters, the same feelings that you had when you experienced the event in the actually experienced past, you did again.”

In his review of the show’s second season, television critic Joshua Alston wrote that “‘Yellowjackets’ grew into a Swiss army knife show, capable of shifting between genres and tones from episode to episode and scene to scene.”

Stream Yellowjackets on Showtime starting March 24th and for free on Paramount+ starting March 26th:

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